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All you need to know about the new Neolith Blanco Carrara

Written by Posted On Thursday, 20 April 2017 23:13

Neolith is a revolutionary and fairly new product that is increasingly adopted into the modern home interior architecture and design due to its amazing aesthetics and unmatched performance when compared to other man-made products such as quartz or technical marble. It is synthetically generated and offers the best quality to every customer and to every design scheme. It takes some of its origins from porcelain which comes in large sizes and different thicknesses, but it is mixed with raw materials and glass resulting in a different product both in terms of looks and capabilities. Neolith has changed the interior design and architectural industries by offering superior grade substance along with fair prices.

The most remarkable features of Neolith are attributed to its unique colours and variations created using an industrial process. This new feat of technology produces the compact form that gives rise to Neolith. This process includes blending polished raw materials assuring physical strength and outstanding performance.

Neolith Blanco Carrara

You will not have to hunt for a suitable colour that matches with your design, because The Size, makers of Neolith bring various collections that will make your space reflect the picture perfect image.

The colours range from neutral, and light to dark, includes grey, black, white, brown and many more. When researching in the marketplace, you will find many fascinating styles with veins or just bland is available too!

As an example, it is accessible in pure blue, grey or in white with exclusive soft veins, such as the ones seen on Neolith Blanco Carrara, containing clean aesthetics with a natural feel. It is ideal for all areas, be it internal and/or external including counters, cladding, worktops, bathroom, living room, staircases, etc.

Blanco Carrara is available in Polished and Silk finishes and slab formats with dimensions of 3200x1500mm and 3200x1600mm. Offered in thicknesses of 6mm and 12mm suit both cladding and worktop applications and with the choices of Blanco Carrara BC01 (with subtle veining) and Neolith Blanco Carrara BC01 (for those who prefer more pronounced veining for more striking effects), this is a stone that will work well on any type of design and space.


All product features are ideal for those who want to add a feeling of serenity with an aesthetic for indoor and outdoor areas.

Neolith worktops can be installed to a reception desk, kitchen and office. It will impress all the visitors with subtle elegance and a luxurious feel. While in the office, it makes all surroundings more cosy and sophisticated.

The material is easy to clean using chemicals without worrying about potential damages. Ease and extravagance make this product one of the most preferred to end consumers, architects and interior designers alike, both for home décor and renovations.

Neolith kitchen worktops gather attention from onlookers. Their hygienic qualities make them suitable for use at home and even around children; they cause no harm to health and are a good option for those who seek surfaces that avoid the harbouring of bacteria due to their practically zero porosity. It is also applicable at food preparatory areas and healthcare facilities so do not fear putting utensils on surface directly because it neither scratches nor burns.

Standard Large Size Reflects Beauty:

An ideal product can be used for façades at hotels, homes, bars and any other type of commercial or residential property, giving them an aesthetic impact. Its standard size makes any project possible. It offers slab sizes from 3250mmx1550mm (12mm thickness) and 3700mmx1250mm. Also, the thickness comes in 3mm, 5mm and 5+3mm (with a backing board).

During 2017 Neolith will be producing larger slabs (whilst facing out the ones with dimensions 3250x1550mm) which will allow users to have large surfaces without seams.

The new slabs dimensions will be produced at 3250x1650mm by a minimum of 30mm which enables to release tension within the slab.

AS Mar 17 19 1The above image shows Neolith Blanco Carrara worktops in Blanco Carrara polished finish

More about Neolith

A surface product must be durable and that it will resist external factors like rain, moisture and heat. Neolith excels at all these and more! It offers potent protection against UV rays, and its natural hue never alters because it is waterproof, mould and frost resistant.

Despite being a light weight product, it is extremely strong when applied in areas with increased foot traffic, such as entrance halls, floorings and commercial outlets such as shops and restaurants thanks to its hardness which surpasses that of natural stones such as marble and granite.

Is Neolith Affordable?

Prices may vary by building size, choice of colour, thickness and finish.

Neolith is available in several finishes including Polished for modern and luxurious looks, Silk which is a matt finish with a slight texture suited to more traditional ambiences; Satin finish which provides the surfaces with a very light sheen whilst remaining a matt finishing touch and Riverwashed finish which is offers more of a rough finish and texture.

Regardless of some of the above details, it is a worthy investment because it is a very long-lasting product that will remain pristine over years to come and when it comes to investing in home renovation or décor, quality is never too much. That is what you receive by procuring Neolith.


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