How to Automate Your Garage Door

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Imagine how convenient and powerful you'll feel driving up to your home, pressing a single button, and watching your garage door open. The first time you do this, you'll feel like you're a millionaire coming home to your giant mansion. But you may think this is simply much too expensive.
However, turning a standard garage door into an automatic garage door isn't that hard, and it's one project that just about anyone can do themselves because the kits are easy to install and have very detailed step by step instructions.

Make Sure You buy The Right Type Of Opener

First, before you purchase an automatic garage door kit, you need to be sure you buy one that is for the right type of garage door.
If you have a sectional roll-up (a garage door made of several panels held together by hinges), be sure the garage door kit is for sectionals.
The same goes for a tilt-up garage door. The two are motorized in different ways, so make certain you have the right stuff before you begin the installation.

Get Help

Once you have the right motorized attachments, it's time to get to work. You're probably going to need at least one other person to help you automate your garage door because you'll need to lift some things up to the ceiling of your garage. 
It can be difficult to hold some of these items while attaching them to the roof and it can be dangerous if you try to do this alone. You don't want to fall off the ladder and land on the hard floor of your garage, after all.

concerning the indoor button

Once you've got the hardware installed up on the ceiling, you may have to make a few decisions. 
One is concerning the indoor button to open and close your garage door.
Most kits include a button, and it is very convenient to be able to open your garage door without using your car remote if you need to go in and out the garage but won't be getting in the car. 
If you'd like, you can install the garage door button so that it looks like it's always been there. 
This involves cutting a hole into your wall, of course, and it also includes wiring the garage door into your home's power system. This can be dangerous, and it's advisable that you contact a professional electrician to deal with it.

The easier option

The Other option doesn't look quite as pretty, but it's much easier. Some garage doors have battery-powered buttons for opening the door. 
You just stick a few batteries in them, mount them anywhere you like, and you're ready to go. 
These buttons won't look quite as nice since they won't be flush with the wall, but they're much easier to handle. Of course, you can always cut a small hole around them and recess them if you'd like.
Automating your garage door has many uses. Safety is one of the biggest bonuses you get out of automating the door. You can drive right into your garage and lower the door, so you won't have to be
concerned about walking from your car to your front door in the dark ever again.

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