Email Marketing Tactics Every Real Estate Agent Should Know About

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Email marketing has become one of the best ways to attract and keep the prospective buyers and leads. To start with, here are some of the stats to prove it:

Investing $1 into email marketing leads to ROI of about $38;

77% of people like receiving emails from companies they are interested in;

63% of real estate marketing campaigns receive positive action;

Companies are most often able to generate 50% more buyer-ready leads at 33% lower cost by using email marketing.

Furthermore, a survey done by the California Association of Realtors says that “only 17% of buyers prefer to communicate with their agents by telephone, yet they reported that 51% of agents communicated by telephone”. So, why not turn to email marketing instead and give buyers what they really need? Maintaining an effective email marketing campaign can truly be productive, efficient and fun. Since this is certainly not something you can just jump into without knowing the basics, here’s a list of most important steps you need to take if you want to launch a successful real estate email marketing campaign.  

Make a Good First Impression

A welcome email is the first email you will send to your potential clients. It is, by far, the crucial step for your email campaign and you’ll want to get it just right.

This message should be written in a friendly, yet professional tone and, what’s even more important, it should be short. Think of a good subject line that will grab their attention quickly. Avoid words like “Deal”, “Free” or “Mortgage” as they are considered spam trigger words and the email spam filtering software will push your email into spam folder in an instant.

Tell them what to expect from the future mails and thank them for signing up for your email list. Make sure you also explain why you are the best agent to work with.

You should end the email with a prominent CTA – call to action, such as offering to schedule a phone call or a meeting. Also, invite them to add you to their address book, so that their spam filter doesn’t remove your future emails.

Concentrate on the Purpose and Content

Before you start, think about the goals you want to achieve and make a concise plan. You will, thus, save precious time and be able to email with a purpose. If you plan to send weekly or monthly newsletters, you should have a clear goal why you’re doing it. Perhaps you want to capture website leads or just to drive traffic to your blog. Whatever the purpose is, bear in mind you always need to deliver valuable content that is relevant to your email list. The newsletter should not only educate and entertain your prospective customers, but also sell to your leads. Therefore, always send shareable and interesting content. If you want to lead a successful email marketing campaign you should be consistent and send scheduled emails as a routine (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). Consistency is the key to success, says Kenny Truong, fast agent REALTOR®.

Personalize Your Emails

The stats show that personalizing emails can lead to improving CTR by over 14%. In addition, more than 74% of real estate agents state that their clients are more engaged after receiving a personalized message. This step is, actually, quite simple. Include the recipient’s first name within the subject line and use a friendly tone while writing. Try to create an emotional connection with your customers, as they will value your brand more. In addition, by making your email more personal, you will easily avoid spam filter and be added to a client’s address book more quickly.

Include Links and Test for Mobile

Whenever you send emails within your marketing campaign, make sure you always include links to each of your social media accounts. Furthermore, don’t forget to test for mobile as it is extremely important that your email works fine on any device. Actually, more than half of all emails that are read are opened on mobile and 75% of Gmail active users open their email accounts via mobile.

Any successful email marketing campaign contains relevant information a potential client would be interested in. So, the key to success is to keep refining the content of your emails and newsletters until it becomes relevant to your readers. If you have a carefully planned strategy that serves your needs, it means you’re ready to send your first real estate email campaign. Hope it brings you success!

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