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4 Nifty Ways to Make Your Furniture Last Longer

Written by Posted On Friday, 05 May 2017 08:52

With each passing year, the list of things you need to survive life gets updated, with new things making their way onto the list while some old ones make an exit.

But, one of the timeless, basic needs for man's survival is shelter, in the form of a roof over his head. The importance of a house to man's comfortable existence on earth cannot be overemphasized.

This importance is one of the reasons -- apart from wanting to show off to friends and family -- why we furnish our houses with the latest gadgets, equipments, and furniture, once we can afford them. These things help to make the home more comfy to live in.

Because of how useful they are, some of them come at quite expensive prices, especially if you've made the choice to buy them brand new. Bookshelves, kitchen cabinets, doors, et al, can all come at quite the price on first purchase.

And because of how often they're used, you could find yourself requesting another door, or another bed-end stool from your carpenter just a couple of years after purchasing a new one.

So, just as important as furniture is to your house, it is equally important to know how to ensure that they last long enough for you to use well and get your money's worth.

With that in mind, here are 3 effective ways to make your furniture last longer:

1. Take care of the stains as fast as possible

It is easy to overlook this part, especially when it's just a little spot. But stains, spills, and dirt marks, once found on any piece of furniture, should be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent discoloration and further damage to your furniture.

While there are several methods to do this depending on how much the spill or dirt is, you can use a dry, soft cloth to blot the area. A wet cloth can also be used on some spills if dry blotting is not enough.

If it's a grease stain, you may need professional attention to get such stains off. Don't try to apply water as this may make things worse.

Furniture free of dirt obviously looks more attractive. Deal with stains as soon as you notice them to keep your furniture attractive.

2. Keep them away from heat and/or direct sunlight

This is another way to make your furniture last longer and save money over time. Because direct heat can cause furniture joints to become dry, thereby causing squeaks and creaks to develop, it's best to keep them away or not too close to direct heat or air conditioning systems.

Also, too much light affects the color of fabrics and leather. Overexposure to sunlight will therefore most likely cause your furniture to fade and make them look dull.

3. Regular dusting and cleaning

This is one of the easiest things you can do to keep your furniture looking sharp. You can use a large cleaner or a vacuum cleaner to achieve this.

Perspiration and natural oils from our skins and hair can have long-term effect on the furniture over time. To clean, you can wipe over regularly with a slightly damp cotton cloth and a recommended cleaning product.

You can also use arm caps for the arm rests.

4. Keep furniture covered

To ensure your furniture lasts long, you should consider covering it with lightweight sheets when not in use. This will protect it from dirt and dust, and there won’t be need for it to be cleaned as often.

These sheets will also protect your furniture from sunlight which would otherwise cause it to fade.

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Martina Angel is a writer and real estate agent. She is especially interested in the purchase, ownership, management, rental and sale of real estate for profit. She also volunteers for local water conservation charities in her free time.

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