6 Pros and Cons of Digital Locks

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 10 May 2017 02:35

Digital door locks are a great security solution for any property or premises. Relatively low cost and easy to install, they provide a reliable means of access control where key or card operated locks are not practicable. Whether you need to secure a heavy duty gate to a commercial site, or a residential garden gate, a digital lock can offer effective protection.

However, there are both advantages as well as disadvantages that should be weighed up carefully before you make the decision to go digital. We’ve identified 6 pros and cons of digital locks that are worth taking a closer look at before you decide to buy.

PRO No need for keys

Digital locks don’t use traditional keys. Instead, they are keypad operated, requiring a pin number to be entered onto the number pad for the door or gate to open.

Having to carry a set of keys around all the time, while having to fiddle about with the key to unlock the gate can be cumbersome and inconvenient. And losing keys, whether by accident or theft, and the resultant lock-out must surely be one of the most irritating things. Furthermore, in a commercial setting, you may need to issue many keys to many people, with the risk of loss or theft of keys compromising site security multiplied by a factor.

PRO No need for maintenance

Most digital locks are battery operated; a single battery usually lasts for many years without replacement. The lock will typically signal when the battery level is getting low and needs changing.

Since there’s no mechanical hardware to speak of, there’ll be next to no wear and tear. This is particularly true for remote opening/closing using a key fob involving no physical contact with the lock itself. Unlike traditional locks that will need regular lubrication and regular inspection, with digital locks there’s no maintenance required.

PRO Difficult to break in

Digital locks are extremely sturdy and secure, and very hard for intruders and burglars to overcome, which means your property is well protected. Unless you have the right pin code, you simply won’t get in.

What’s more, doors and gates usually close automatically after opening, offering extra protection.

CON Pin code weakness

That said, if the pin code is shared with an unauthorised person, whether as a result of poor judgement or the number is guessed by an intruder, security will be compromised. What’s more, just as with any digital device, digital locks are vulnerable to hacking attacks and cyber crime.

Choosing a random number – not obvious dates (e.g. 1066), repetitive numbers (e.g.9999) or predictable sequences (e.g. 1234, 2424) – and changing the passcode periodically while restricting the number of passcode holders is the best way to maintain continuous security.

CON Forgetting the passcode

Just as it is possible to lose your keys, forgetting the passcode to access your keyless entry system means you will be locked out of the premises. This may be highly inconvenient and perhaps embarrassing at the time, however all it takes is a skilled emergency locksmith to come out and reprogramme and reset the system, and all will be well.

CON Power cuts

Most digital locks are battery operated, but you can obtain hard wired solutions too. The obvious weakness here is what to do when there’s a power cut disabling the lock operation. Either the gate will stay in a locked position, or the power cut may result in the gate not locking properly and remaining unsecured. As a contingency, a battery back-up system is a must-have failsafe.

Choosing a keyless digital lock installation needs to be a carefully considered decision. It is highly advisable to do your research before you make a purchase decision to make sure you get the best suited product for you.

There are many different access control solutions on the market and a wealth of security companies advising, supplying and fitting a wide range of systems. Make sure you choose a reputable digital lock supplier such as Signet Locks that can deliver high quality products and expert technical support, and you won’t regret your decision.

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