8 Best Home Improvements to Boost Your Home's Value

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 10 May 2017 04:20

If a house is updated, functional and well-designed you are bound to increase the value in no time. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune in order for your house to cost more. Rather, there are some home improvement projects that will help you achieve your goal with spending the just right amount of money with high recoup percentage.

Update your bathroom

When buying a home, buyers will spend plenty of time on inspecting the bathroom. Think about renovating your bathroom, but don’t go for full bathroom renovation since it can cost more with low return. Instead, focus on small things.

Invest in granite or quartz counters – depending on the size and material this upgrade can cost you between $50 and $150 per square foot. Both of these materials will make your bathroom look clean and elegant and they are overall sold between 4% and 6% above the expected value.

Opt for a frameless shower – the cost of this upgrade varies between $1,200 and $2,500 depending on the size and installation fees. However, it will pay off since it is easy to maintain, it looks stunning and is sold for 5% above expected value.

Kitchen upgrades

Just like bathrooms, kitchens get the most attention from potential buyers. Kitchen upgrades can greatly increase the value of your home, but it will depend on the parts you choose to upgrade. Focus on individual updates and get bigger return with less invested money and time.

Energy-efficient appliances – consider investing into energy-efficient appliances which will save money in the long run. The average costs vary from $300 to $2,500 per appliance which can instantly upgrade you kitchen in many ways.

A farmhouse sink – these sinks are elegant, functional and spacious. The estimated cost is between $100 and $800, depending on the sink’s style or finish, but is sold for 8% above expected value.

Curb appeal

Curb appeal is something that can sell your house fast. If the home’s exterior is inviting and well-designed, potential buyers are bound to get interested to look inside. That’s why you should pinpoint several things to upgrade and transform your house into a luxurious villa-like sanctuary.

Replace the front door – security of your home is a priority and it can affect the value. Research your options for sturdy and quality doors in Sydney and find your favourite ones. Elegant and simple door can easily change the exterior of your home and make a big entrance.

Low-maintenance landscaping – to spice up your curb appeal with plants will cost you somewhere between $100 and $200 and it will pay off. However, remember to invest into native plants to your region and don’t forget to think green. Native plants or even drought-tolerant ones require less water and maintenance which automatically saves money and provides a stunning curb appeal.

General improvements

There are many areas of your home that can be improved. Think about lighting fixtures and energy-efficiency of your home. If you plan these well and install what is useful, you can save plenty of money and increase the value of your home quickly.

Pendant lighting – such lighting can cost you between $50 and $400 per fixture, depending on the installation costs and styles you choose. However, they are sold 5% above the expected value and they greatly affect the interior design of each room.

Replace the windows – energy-efficient windows will prevent wasting energy and money during the harsh weather conditions. They prevent draft and they maintain a desired temperature in your home. This project can cost between $400 and $600 per window along with the installation fee and can greatly affect the value of your home.

Don’t get carried away when renovating, because you could spend more than it’s necessary. Think functional and energy-efficient and your home’s value will be satisfying, along with its looks and cosiness. 

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