10 Tips and Tricks for a Garden Inspired Home

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You’d be surprised at how pretty garden inspired décor can be when used inside the home. Garden gates, trellises, lawn furniture, and stones may initially seem out of place but can transform your home’s interiors into a lovely space that’s lively, enchanting, warm, and reminiscent of great weather all year round. You’d be asking yourself why you didn’t think of this earlier!

Take a look below at some of our curated tips and tricks that can give your home a garden-inspired look.

Bring Outdoor Urns and Pots In

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Pots and urns often come in a variety of materials and finishes. These differences make for a wonderful addition in texture plus variances in size can draw in attention.

Take Garden Furniture Indoors

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Wrought iron tables and chairs with leaves and stems detailing can make great indoor furniture. Pair them up with throw pillows in floral patterns and you’ve got yourself a new furniture set.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Big Plants

Garden Home3

Plants with huge leaves make a great addition to indoor living spaces. They can make your home get that rainforest chic vibe, more so if you bring in a bird cage or two.

Bring In Garden Elements Too

Garden Home4

A trellis can make a pretty hanging rack in the foyer or as a backdrop for a bed. Gardening baskets can be used as accessories in the kitchen or the bathroom as well.

Use Potting-Room Touches to Your Advantage

Garden Home5

Want a farmhouse style décor? Use watering cans, mini buckets, fresh flowers, and maybe a hand shovel as indoor décor. This will make any room you use this in feel like a shed or a potting room.

Do a Material Swap

Garden Home6

Use materials typically for the outdoors indoors. Brick and slate can make great flooring or as an accent wall. They’ll look even better if used in areas that transition between indoors and outdoors. Get some landscape materials and be awed at how they can make great indoor flooring!

Use Garden Tools as Wall Décor

Garden Home7

Got a rake, a trellis, a shovel, or a bush cutter that has seen better days? Bring them all together and transform them into wall art. They’d look great in a guestroom, a masculine bathroom, or maybe the kitchen.


Get Colour Palette Inspiration from the Garden

Garden Home8

Greens, grays with bits of blues and browns can give a room a garden-inspired look and feel just with the use of colours.

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