How Social Media Can Help Real Estate Agents Improve Their Service

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Jealous of your competitors’ success? Going green of their copious profit? Then, it’s the high time for you to be active socially. And, to help you with the same, there are a number of social media platforms that can take your marketing endeavors way much higher.

Dealing with real estate is not a cakewalk! And, especially, when it involves a lot of challenges, the only way you can excel in the business is by doing something out-of-the-box! Social media will not only help you build trust among your clients, but will also aid in flourishing your business to a significant extent.

Facebook- There is no doubt that Facebook is the best platform to connect with people and when it comes to getting the best clients, Facebook truly has no alternative. Word of mouth is always known as the finest marketing strategy and as the largest social networking site, Facebook has every property to help you get just what you are looking for. However, using your personal account for real estate services is never a wise decision, as it will not only fall short of the required professionalism, but can also forego a number of vital business features that could have been a goad for success.

There are some effective strategies how you can promote your business through Facebook-

  • The more you say about your neighbourhood, the greater is the chance for you to have more prospects in business. As for instance, people looking for the best Pune properties would always be keen on knowing every nitty-gritty of the area. Thus, always try to adopt several innovative techniques to promote your location. Apart from getting you more lead, it will also act as a great endeavor to make the residents’ living much better.
  • Post as many good things as you can about the area you are endorsing. If there is any particular event you can swank about, don’t be late for this. Also, you can invite your Facebook friends to join the same. It will help you render more interest in them about the location.
  • Don’t forget to use images whenever you update anything about the location. Images are a great medium to attract prospective customers and the more like and share you get, the bigger is the chance for you to inflate your business.
  • Last but not the least; try to show as much concern as you can for the viewers. People looking for investment in Pune would always strive to get the best from you. Try to engage them with interesting contents and posts, thereby welcoming more traffic to your page.

Twitter- Twitter is always known as one of the finest mediums for rolling conversation and as a real estate agent, you should always make the best out of it. Although, Twitter gives a limit of 140 characters, it can still be perfectly used to brace up your bonding with the potential buyers.

Few useful tips about how to handle your Twitter page in the best possible manner-

  • While shifting, one of the most common concerns that seem to bother the home buyers is the stress of relocation. Nevertheless, you can easily help them with the same by posting links to relevant articles stating exclusive ways for a hassle-free move.
  • Tweeting about the local news is always a smart endeavor and this is how you can promote your area the best. Always be strict about propping up the news as soon as it smacks the platform.


  • Also, use as many hashtags as you can and make your content seen by a greater fraction of people.
  • To build the trust factor with your clients, make it a habit to tweet about the local news that hold their interest in some way or the other.
  • You can also try to add videos and tweet about your property listings. This will give the viewers a direct notion about the same.

Pinterest- Pinterest is another social media site that can give you a remarkable opportunity to get a big business. Set your company profile and then give space for unique boards that will show up the main benefits of the area. Don’t forget to mention every specific detail that will heighten the importance of the locale. You can also connect the Pinterest tabs on your Facebook page and bring the news in the limelight.

You tube- Again, video is one of the best mediums to promote your location and You tube, with its top-end features, can help you in more than one way. Place videos that represent your locale the best. It will not only perk up the importance of the area, but will also amass more traffic to your page.

The bottom line-

To conclude, social media has always been a great platform to engage customers and you, as a real estate agent, can make the best use of it. You should always have to be active and utilize the third party social media applications that will help you steer your business on the right track.

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