5 Tips for a Clean House This Summer

Written by Posted On Sunday, 28 May 2017 21:16

As the temperatures rise for summer, so does your home's need for a deep cleaning. Summer also means children are out of school and spending more time in the home, raising your chances of a messy home. Here are five simple tips to follow to keep your home clean this summer. This will help maximize the amount of time you spend with your family because no one wants to spend all of summer cleaning over and over again.


Properly Remove and Prevent Dust

Summer comes right after Spring, which is the season of winds and rain. People often times open their windows to let the cool spring breeze into their homes and come summertime you might have realized that dust has made its home on your furniture. If you don't have screens installed on your windows, then insect, leaves, and dander might have entered your home as well. These spring time pathogens could wreak disaster on your family, triggering their allergies. Take the time to install screens and then you can begin the deep dusting process. It's important to start from top to bottom while dusting so that any excess dust lands on the floors which will be vacuumed later. Be sure to take large items outside to give a proper dusting and cleaning.


Keep Tabs on Plumbing

If you haven't checked your pipes and plumbing for a couple of seasons, the start of summer would be the best time to do it. Bacteria and mold thrive in warm temperatures causing it to spread quickly and become unsightly. Mold, particularly black mold, is extremely difficult to remove when found in large quantities. Check your bathroom and kitchen plumbing and perform a deep cleansing. To prevent mold from forming, it's important to maintain cleanliness in these areas.


Another area to keep tabs on, especially going into the summer season is your backyard pool. When you re-open your pool for the season it’s very important to check for problems like algae, water mold and “pink slime.” While most of these issues aren’t a threat to your family of swimmers, they can damage your pool equipment. These problems can happen to anyone, anywhere, whether you have one of the most modern pool designs in Naples or one that is as old as your great grandfather who retired there.


Launder All Fabrics

It isn't enough to just dust off all of the furniture in your home. The fabrics and sheets might be trapping dander and dirt within the tight folds and layers. Make sure to launder all of family clothes and sheets at the same time as the furniture fabrics to give your home a fresh and lasting scent. Large furniture items with fabric, such as sofas, can be cleaned indoors using a scrub and simple soap and water to prevent furniture damage. Be sure to air out any fabrics properly to prevent mold from growing within the cushions and folds. Place them near open windows to breathe new life into them.


Care for Your Carpets

If you have carpet in your home or have odor stained furniture items, you might want to  hire a carpet cleaner to take care of it. Hot weather often results in people strewn across the carpet and furniture trying to keep cool. Stains or smells like pet urine are unpleasant when you end up lying near them, and they can be amplified during the hot temperatures of the summer time. Even if the stains do not have a powerful smell, they can attract pests and insects into your home.

When hiring someone, determine whether you want to steam clean carpet in your home or go with an option that uses less water. Particularly in humid areas, steam carpet cleaning can take several days to dry and can result in damage or mold growth in your carpets and pads.



After you have cleaned off all other parts of your home, you can finally put the cherry on top by decluttering. Start off by decluttering high traffic areas. If you have trouble cleaning up the clutter, organize yourself by setting up three trash bags or boxes. Dedicate one to keeping, one for trash, and one for donations. Go through the clutter and decide which items are trash, worth keeping, or could be donated. This helps your home declutter properly and will give it that proper deep clean feeling, especially if table tops, counters, and desks are opened up. This gives your family space to work in and have fun during the summer.

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