Different Styles of Crawling Methods That Babies Use to Adopt

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Growth of human being is interesting and worth to be observed. Parents love their kids to grow from infants to teenagers and then complete mature men or women. Parents have also important roles to play in proper growth of babies. It is important to provide balanced diets or foods to babies so that they can become physical fit as well as mentally balanced to perform the normal activities for growing. Now, what are these normal activities? Babies show a lot of activities for growing. It starts with rolling on the bed, and then they gradually learn, crawling, standing and walking.

When Babies Roll?

Rolling is a common thing for all human babies during their growth stages. First, they start rolling on small areas, and then they gradually gain confidence to roll covering larger areas. Baby rolling is a natural thing and it can be observed during 3 to 4 months’ age of babies. As babies grow older they stop rolling and start crawling. During rolling, some babies need helps of parents at initial stages. They cannot do a full roll without help of the parents. Thus, parents need to observe their babies and provide them the support if required. If baby needs your support, there is nothing to be worried or concerned on health condition of baby. It is quite a normal thing.

When Babies Crawl?

So, at the early stages, babies will keep rolling on the bed. As they grow older, they start new traits, like walking or standing or crawling. Among these traits, crawling is the most common thing at the initial stage. When they start crawling, they gradually start learning standing and then walking. So, when do babies start crawling? Generally, it has been found that from 6 to 10 months’ age, babies start crawling. Crawling can look funny or weird in some cases. Most of the babies cannot crawl perfectly. Most of them do not crawl for a long time. They may crawl 2-3 weeks and then they start standing and try attempting waking with support of parents.

Baby crawling can be differentiated in different styles. Here is a short guidance on different types of baby crawling:

·         Classic Crawling: This is a traditional and common method of crawling. Most of the babies opt for this style, though some exceptions are there. Exceptions are not small in numbers rather quite large in numbers. In classic crawling, babies move arm and opposite leg at the same time for crawling.

·         Scoot: This is one of the funniest ways of crawling. Many babies adopt this technique. They start dragging their bottom on the floor. This is quite a normal thing and parents should not be worried if babies crawl in this style.

·         Crab Crawling: In this crawling method, babies keep one knee bent while other knee stretched. The motion looks like a crab’s motion. This is why it has been termed as crab crawling.

·         Commando Crawling: Babies lie flat on their abdomen on the floor and then start crawling.

When babies start crawling, parents should keep close watch on them, especially if babies are close to stairs or balcony area. Parents should help babies on their infant growth spurts.


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Sources : https://medium.com/@babypillars/different-styles-of-crawling-methods-that-babies-use-to-adopt-9f628ede90f9

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