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4 Essentials to Create an Attractive Basement

Written by Posted On Monday, 05 June 2017 09:19

Basements are one of the most undervalued spaces in our homes. In most cases  we simply store there some old boxes, put-of-fashion clothes, seasonal equipment, and any other possible trash that is not used on a daily basis. But just imagine that you can create an additional room for your special needs! You have been dreaming of a home-cinema or maybe you lack a man’s cave? Basements can fulfill any of your sacred dreams, just give them a chance!

No matter how long you have been willing to start a basement renovation, you are likely to postpone it for the future because don’t consider it essential. Well, the time has come! It is the beginning of summer so you have whole 3 summer months plus a couple of autumn ones to complete the project of your dreams. Below you can find four basics of basement renovation that are essential for any type of room you have in your mind. Read on to make your basement space functional, comfortable and cozy.

Ceiling and Wall Cladding

Drywall is the most common and obvious choice made. And it is a pretty smart one. Yet, professional home contractors advise opting for wood paneling for both walls and ceilings. The panels will help you create the upper floor or living room look for your basement. Keep in mind that even though it is basement, it doesn’t have to be just basic. Think creative and be creative!

Basement Wood Ceiling Idea

Photo from Design Trend


In terms of floors you have to remember that basement is the lowest level of your home and as a result the coldest one. It means that your floors will require additional insulation as well as protection. Moreover, think about using materials that would feel warmer, such as wood panels or natural hardwood. It is not advised to use tiles as then your flooring will always be cold and not really comfortable to walk over barefoot. If you do plan to spend there much time downstairs, consider installation of warm flooring system to ensure that your kids and friends feel 100% comfortable regardless of the weather outside.

basement wood flooring ideas

Photo from AgsAustin

Proper Lighting

You know that light and especially natural light is one of the major aesthetic problems for basement spaces. Your goal is to install as many windows as possible to add some natural light. Yet, don’t forget that in any case it won’t be enough. Be smart and better consult a remodeling consultant who would be able to find proper artificial light options for your specific space. And don’t just focus on the ceiling, especially if it’s low. Remember that wall light and floor lamps can be not only sources of light, but also perfect decorative additions.

Basement Lighting 4

Photo from DC Fine Homes Inc


Basements are usually used for storage needs for a reason. They are truly the best places to store things. So one thing is to remember about the functionality of your new basement – leave yourself some storage space. Consult a basement contractor to plan everything properly. Furthermore, when getting rid of old shelves and cupboards from the basement you can actually find some pretty nice pieces. Don’t throw them away! All basements have histories, so if you manage to renovate the old cupboard and put it back to the basement you will remodel and save some history for the future. That’s a bold and always ideal move.

basement storage shelf ideas

Photo from LgiLab

And the last tip about making your basement space a cool place is to be creative and not to be afraid of changes. Be open to new designs and use your available resources to the maximum.

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