7 Fabulous Reasons to Make More of Less in the Home (thanks to the contemporary kitchen)

Written by Posted On Friday, 09 June 2017 07:48

Contemporary kitchens have revolutionised our living spaces and forced us to rethink the way we live across the whole of the home. The sleek minimalist designs and clever hidden storage spaces found in many contemporary kitchens have contributed to a growing distaste for clutter.

As the trend for minimalist living spreads throughout the home, many people are finding some surprising benefits they weren’t expecting. Here are 7 fabulous reasons your minimalist contemporary kitchen should inspire your interior design choices across the whole of your home.


1. A sense of calm

Walk into any recently installed, sleek contemporary kitchen and you will be immediately filled with a sense of calm (and perhaps a pang of envy too!). The contemporary kitchen oozes a sense of organisation, lacks clutter and feels marvellously liberating. If it works in the kitchen, why shouldn’t the rest of your home benefit too.


2. You know where everything is

Knowing where everything is, saves you time and brings a sense of peace to your living space. That doesn’t mean organised chaos works. The constant sight of clutter, no matter how organised you think it is, will add to your anxiety levels.

Honing down your possessions and knowing exactly where everything is, enables you more time to get on with the delightful task of living. When you live in an organised and clutter-free home, you will find yourself to be more productive and have more opportunity for rest. Clutter takes up much more time than we realise; it is a constant distraction, which takes an emotional toll.

Why not use the ingenious storage designs in your kitchen across the whole of your home? Bespoke wardrobes and well-designed office spaces mean everything you need has a place. Be sure to carry out a huge de-clutter before you begin your designs.


3. It’s so easy to clean

Cleaning around clutter is time consuming and exasperating. Clutter collects dust and makes cleaning a real chore. Less really is heaps better when it comes to cleaning. Swishing a duster across a clutter-free surface is almost a pleasure (yes I know I’m pushing it with that one!). But really, just think about it. Less time spent cleaning means more time to do the things you love. Belongings can really add to your maintenance time with more to move, more to put away, more to repair, and more to clean. You get the gist.


4. Spend less

Investing in a beautiful contemporary kitchen could inspire you to spend less in the long term. Minimalist living has the benefit of adding to your financial freedom. When you don’t feel the need to buy more and more things to fill your house with, you’ll be surprised at how much money you can save for more important life experiences like fantastic holidays. It doesn’t mean you have to become frugal and miserly. It just means you can own fewer better quality things.

If you’ve always dreamed of going somewhere exotic, or even if you fancy a weekend away in the UK, choosing a more minimalist way of living will free up more of your income for doing rather than wasting money on material things you don’t need.


5. Experiences are worth more than things

When you’re not tied up with cleaning the house and keeping up with the Joneses you have more to time to concentrate on doing the things you love, rather than spending money on more possessions. Your happiness and your health will rocket when you have more time to focus on hobbies and looking after yourself.


6. A visually stunning home

The more clutter we have, the less attractive our living spaces are. No one can argue against the fact that contemporary, minimalist living spaces look good. It doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything. Having a few of your favourite possessions on display, (and I mean one or two, not ten), means you will really be able to enjoy those items. Surrounded by clutter, even your most prized possessions don’t get the attention they deserve. Be ruthless here, otherwise you are missing the point.


7. Minimise your impact on the environment

Living with less ultimately reduces your impact on the environment. It feels good to actually stop and think about what you are buying and whether you actually need it. Minimalist interiors encourage you to think that way. Becoming more environmentally conscious has a surprising impact on other areas of your life and can lead to a healthier lifestyle and a greater sense of well-being.

We hope you are inspired to try a minimalist lifestyle. Why not begin your journey by investing in the contemporary kitchen of your dreams? Changing the way you live could bring you the happiness you’ve been searching for. Less really can mean more.

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