5 Ideas to Get Back Your Front Porch

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 13 June 2017 11:23

Using the front porch is regaining popularity in recently. True, it has fallen out of fashion because of the invention of air conditioning, television, radio, and other comforts which have shifted preferences to staying more indoors; but as we tire of these modern conveniences, we are slowly rediscovering how enjoyable it is to have a front porch.

If you have a front porch but is not quite sure what to do with it or how to convert it into something that you’ll love, then take inspiration from the ideas below.

Transform it to a Welcoming Prelude to Your Front Door


Your porch is a part of your house and is the introductory area to the most important door in your home – your front door. Tweak your front porch’s lighting and paint colour to make it as inviting as possible both day and night. You can start planning this out by approaching your home from a visitor’s perspective and taking note of what’s missing and what you would like to add.

Give it Comfortable Height


A covered porch is no good unless the ceiling is a comfortable height of about 8 or 9 feet from the floor. This ensures that there will be enough shade in the summer but is high enough for ample overhangs.

Your front porch should also give you a safe vantage point from which to view your lawn and surrounding areas. Not only that, it looks great too, more so with beautiful railings and a fresh paint job.

Make it Into a Relaxing Sitting Area


If you’ve got enough space, outdoor furniture will be great in the front porch. After all, you can’t expect to enjoy ‘lounging’ there if there is no lounge or a comfortable sitting area to spend some time in. A rocking chair or a swing would be great too.

Turn It Into an Outdoor Room


If your front porch has a depth of at least 6 feet and is about 10 feet wide, you can turn it into an outdoor room that your entire family can use. A bigger front porch will allow for multiple sitting areas that will let you maximise the use of the space. If your front porch is quite small, then a single chair from where you can drink coffee from while surveying your lawn would be ideal. That chair can hold your things before going out or prior to coming in as well.

Create a Garden On It


How would you like having a garden for cooking herbs just steps from your door? Your front porch could give you that! Container gardening is an option or if you’re more adventurous, you can create a living wall of plants on one area of your front porch. You can also plant ornamental plants in pots that you can hang from the railings or a protected wall of your home. Just be creative!

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