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How to Prevent Clogged Drains?

Written by Posted On Friday, 16 June 2017 05:36

It’s a lovely morning before an important meeting at work or kid’s first day at school. You wake up and go to a bathroom to maintain your look before an important event. You turn the tap on to wash your face and suspect nothing unusual. Yet the day prepared something absolutely different for you. The water wouldn’t go down the pipes and you are literally out of possibility to brush the teeth or get rid of morning smell. Imagined? Already feel upset and angry?

clogged drain

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There is no need to panic in such situations because all clogged drains issues can be solved without much efforts! Professional drain cleaners and plumbers, however, remind that it’s much easier to prevent such problems from happening than to deal with them on the spot, especially when you are in a hurry. Carefully read these five tips and ensure that you do all of them!

1. Don't throw indissoluble items into the system

You know the signs in public toilets about not throwing anything but toilet paper into the toilets, right? Well, these signs are there for a reason. The pipes are unable to work out anything but dissolving products. If you throw into your home’s pipes anything but toilet paper, you significantly increase risk of clogged drains. And the issue here is not only with hygienic products, but also food rests or maybe even plastic particles! Pay attention to what you throw into your sink’s garbage disposal unit as well as what you pour into the toilet. Any of these products can easily get stuck in the U shaped bends of the drains and cause you great headaches at the least appropriate moments.

2. Clean out the gullies

Most modern home appliances, such as dishwashers or washing machines, have specific sections called waste gullies. They very frequently are found to hold different fats and fibers. In this case these fats prevent water from freely entering the gullies. As a result, you get the issue of a clogged drain that is particularly tough to deal with on you own. In most cases professional help of drain cleaning companies is required. So if you would like to avoid dealing with such problems, just ensure that you clean the gully at least once a year as a preventative measure.  

3. Maintenance of baths and showers

With baths and showers the most common issue is hair. If you or your family members have long hair, then you need to be particularly careful with. Ensure that you have special protective gauze on the discharge so that no hair gets directly to the pipes. There is nothing extremely complex in maintaining this problem, yet it can significantly lower the probability of clogged drains in your home.

4. Use mesh screens

As already mentioned in the point above, special protective gauzes called mesh screens can protect your pipes from any inappropriate objects. All you need to do is put them everywhere in your home and from time to time clean them from the accumulated dirt.

The greatest advantage of mesh screens is their price. These simple protection means cost very few dollars, but can save you a bunch of them on drain cleaning and repair works in the future.

5. List of products not allowed in the drains

You have already learnt that most drains are unable to “swallow” most types of objects we throw inside. So here is a list of products created by professional plumbers. Ensure that they are never left or put into your home drains.

1. Poultry, meat, and all kinds of meat and fish bones.

2. Egg shells.

3. Gum (all children adore chewing gum and then putting it into the toilet; make sure that you teach them never to repeat it again!)

4. All types of cotton (such as swabs or cotton balls ), cigarette filters and butts, fabric dryer and softener sheets, and any similar fibrous materials.

5. Needles, razors, syringes, blades, etc.

6. Any type of glue (especially waterproof, and including paper and glue for eye lashes).

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