4 Ways to Maintain Your Reputation With Proper SEO

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Do you have an idea what a person should find out about you if he searches for your personal name, brand name or online business? He should be able to see three basic things:

Your website,
Your Blog, and
Your social profiles.

Ironically, what we’ve experienced is for most brands complaints, bad reviews and negative feedback rank at the top of SERPs as well as on social media. There’s quite an effort to do to keep your reputation flawless:

You need to keep on cleaning these areas ,You need to consistently monitor what’s being said about you online, and Most important of all, you need to know how to fight with such issues.

There’s no doubt you want to depict your flawless image online. For this purpose, Webryze SEO Agency Toronto has come up with killer post. In this post, they’ve shared some valuable pieces of information which itself is a proof of their xperience and knowledge in multiple domains, such as SEO, blogging, Social Media and ORM.

So, let’s go check out what they have for you!

What ORM Exactly Is

If you’ve heard about ORM before, you may be wondering these are shady tactics to cover up the real truth. But that’s not true. Every agency has different ways and goals. Similarly, every customer has unique problem. Same is true for ORM.

If you think only celebs, shady brands, politicians with bad reputation and other businesses need ORM, you’re not entirely right. Professional brands with cleanest reputation also need ORM.

ORM is all about what people think about your brand, and knowing where they share their opinions. It also covers how you should go about repairing your bad image and control these mentions. SEO and ORM have quite a few similarities.

Control Your Search Results

This is the best way to control your reputation online. If you own the search results, you’ll be able to control your reputation in a better way. That means, you need to have as many first page rankings as possible.

You can do so by creating your online resume, securing your own domain name and registering username. In this way you have a chance of securing high quality sites as well as social networks. As a result, your business ranks higher.

                                                                        Image Source: Pexels

  1. Use Software

With the help of software, you can check old and current mentions about your business. You don’t have to Google for brand name and mentions.

You can use Google Alerts for free. Just type the keyword/name that you want to monitor, and you’ll receive an email from Google whenever it gets a new mention.

There are also much more advanced and premium tools like Mention.net and Trackur, which allow you to monitor mentions across all web sites, blogs, and social networks.

                                                                           Image Source: Pexels

Be Active in Searching and Responding to Social Mentions

Sites like Yelp, ConsumerReports, RipOffReport, and TripAdvisor have millions of reviews that ultimately affect the bottom line for millions of businesses around the world.

Knowing what people are saying and where they’re saying it, isn’t enough. And quite frankly, you cannot do even this part alone.Social media feedback has been one of the most effective and fastest ways for brands to connect with their customers.Many brands will actively monitor and respond to all social activity when their name is mentioned, tweeted, or used in a hashtag.

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