How to Get Secure Online Access to Your Postal Mail

Written by Posted On Monday, 19 June 2017 04:23

There is something to be said for taking a relaxing vacation and not having to worry about a thing. In the past, many people took their computer with them so they wouldn't miss out on anything. Now technology has advanced to the point that you can probably get away with just taking your smart phone with you on your travels and you can easily stay up-to-date with your email and Facebook account.

That's all really nice, but what about the postal mail sitting in your box at home? It's not exactly forgotten while you're away, but you can't really get to it either. Maybe you are having your neighbor pick it up again for you - that's what we do. The disadvantage there is that the neighbor doesn't know what's important and what's just junk. Of course, they can guess based on what mail they've received. But you will probably come home to a pile of mail to sort through when you get back from vacation.

But again, there is new technology to help you in this area. You could use a mail forwarding service and have your mail forwarded to them. This works if you travel a lot, or have two different places of residence like some snowbirds do. This type of service is not meant to be turned on and off, so you want to be sure you actually want to forward your mail this way. Most people find it convenient enough to use it not only when they travel, but also when they're home.

Now, just as you don't need to take your computer along anymore to check your email, you don't have to worry about what's sitting in your mailbox at home -- because there's nothing there! It's all put online so you can log into your account (using your smart phone again) and see what's come in. You will see the image of the envelope first, and then you can have the item scanned or recycled; whichever you desire. It's all done online. You never have to call anyone to ask if there's any important mail in your box at home. Even packages are forwarded to the service where you can immediately tell them where to deliver them.

This works for travelers because you no longer have to have a package sitting on your step at home. Packages delivered to houses and set in front of the doors are now increasingly being stolen. I know because this happened to a friend of mine. And if UPS delivered the package, you can file a claim - but only once! So the thieves who are targeting your neighborhood will continue to target; and you will be left paying the bill for an item that you really wanted, but never received.

Enough with the hassle of mail delivery! Get yourself a Virtual Mailbox and a Smartphone (if you don't already have one) and you will always know what has come in for the day. NOW you can have a relaxing vacation without the worries of snail mail delivery when you let the Professionals help.

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