7 Tips for Improving Your Home with a New Roof

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New roof is a great investment in your home, and whenever you are planning to repair or replace the roof of your house, it is always good to know the necessary steps involved and also the type of material that will be suitable for your environment. Many companies offer roofing services, but only a few of them are capable and qualified of giving you the services you deserve.

Like other home improvement project, replacing one’s roof can be expensive, and one thing you may think you can do to cut cost is “roof over”- which means placing the new shingles over the old ones. This might seem perfect, but the potential problems are more than the benefits. When the time comes to install a new roof, there are some important factors to take into consideration such as style, color, material, energy saving, comfort level, etc. An experienced roofing contractor can help you know the benefits of different materials that are best for your home, test, and budget. Below are some tips for replacing your old roof.

1.   Repair Wood under the Shingles

Professional roof repair is not limited to removing all the old shingles but also making any necessary repairs to the wood under. Ensure that your roofer addresses this and allows for these types of repairs if needed in your agreement. Putting new shingles on faulty wood is not advisable, and this may reduce the life of the new roofing materials.

2.   Measure the Size of Roof

Contact a roofing contractor to measure your roof and provide you with the estimate based on the number of the square of the roofing material you want. A square is the amount of material needed to cover 100 sq ft. Therefore a roof that has 20 squares has 2,000 sq ft. of surface area to be covered.

3.   Ensure your Roof Has the Needed Ventilation

Part of the element that contributes to the long life of a roofing system is proper ventilation. Be sure that your new roof has the required ventilation because this will help to reduce moisture build up in winter and modulated the attic temperatures during the summer. Confirm the venting included with the roofing job from your contractor to ensure that your roof lasts for a long period.

4.   Inspections

A well-functioning roof system will protect your properties and house for years to come. Ensure that you discuss what this assessment consists and how your roofing contractor will make sure that your new roof is completed to your satisfaction. Some roofer might even give independent inspections and certifications for your complete peace of mind.

5.   Know All Necessary things about your Contractor

Be sure you know all that is necessary about your installation contractor. Confirm whether they are licensed and bonded, whether they have adequate insurance, the warranties that they provide for materials and labor, whether they follow all regional, local codes and regulation and also obtain proper permits. Be sure that you hire a contractor that is reliable and ask for the work they have done in the past.

6.   Hire contractors that offer after sale service

The most significant elements of any home improvement project are the service one receives after the completion of the whole project. Ensure that you hire contractors that offer a standard warranty which includes; labor and product. And also know the length of time the warranty covers.

7.   Price is not everything

The natural feeling is to look at the lowest price. When considering the price, an essential thing to keep in mind should be valued and return on investment. Go for the contractor that charge price that covers the cost of quality products and installation. A good price should include all elements of your roof replacement including protective covering, ventilation, labor, project management, inspections, and also removal and disposal of the old roofing material and delivery of new materials. In summary, quality material and complete project specifications are necessary and will provide you with a roof that lasts long.

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