E-commerce Platform Ideas to Create Your Dream Website

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 21 June 2017 12:53

Creating the ideal website for your company is now easier than ever with a large variety of e-commerce platforms available at your fingertips. Today, software is equipped with libraries full of customizable templates in order for you to create an alluring website. Creating a good design is a crucial part of running na online store successfully. This is done easiest with a hosted e-commerce shopping cart software because of the technology used to simplify the building process. Don’t let your lack of coding skills crush your dream of creating the perfect website. Instead, take advantage of what e-commerce platforms have to offer today and have your very own website up and running in no time.

Here is a descriptive list of three great hosted platform options to help you design e-commerce websites.


1. Wix eCommerce

Wix is the definition of what a drag and drop website builder is. With it, you can drag and drop any type of content at any location on your website. You have the creative freedom and can create whatever your little heart desires due to its precision. Wix has made it easy to create a professional site with its eye-catching e-commerce related designs. Branding is key, so in order to inspire trust among your potential customers, having a beautiful storefront is crucial.

This platform is great for those who do not plan on selling too many products and don’t need integrations such as accounting, marketing, etc. Although they may not be as comprehensive as other e-commerce builders, they still provide enough flexibility and tools. In regards to basic e-commerce features, you have the option of incorporating products with a few variations of the same product. Additionally, it offers a fully integrated shopping cart, so you can connect payment processors such as PayPal. You also have to opportunity to conduct offline payments.


2. Shopping Cart Elite

Shopping Cart Elite’s customization experience makes it very easy for beginners to set up their first store. This process begins with a selection of a basic theme, and then from there you can add your log and start altering the layout of your pages. There are a number of templates to choose from, but if none of them fit your preference, they are more than happy to offer you their assistance. Their website builder offers a simple drag and drop interface to work with. Additionally, they provide you with access to CSS, HTML, and Java editors, so you can put your coding skills to use to create an even more unique website. They also offer plugin and app integrations.


3. Shopify

This e-commerce software is great for both small and larger stores. As a result, they have the scalability to grow simultaneously with your store. Shopify has over 100 professional as well as mobile-ready themes. It also has over 1,400 apps to choose from to boost the functionality of your business. This one-stop-shop reduces the complications that users are faced with drag and drop website builders. Coding is also an unnecessary skill.

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