9 Eyesores that kill your home’s value.

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 21 June 2017 16:19

First impressions are extremely important when you are selling a home.  You only get one chance to make a good first impression and in a blink of the eye you can turn people off.  When it comes to curb appeal, minutes count.

  1. 1. If your landscaping is drab plant some flowers to spruce the front up a bit, be sure to use a seasonal arrangement.  The best thing to do is to mix it up a bit but stick to a seasonal color scheme.

  2. 2. Take a look around, is there anything dying, like shrubs or trees?  This can turn a buyer away faster than you think.  Bag these up and dispose of them properly before the home hits the market.

  3. 3. Do you have a lawn?  Well think of a better pattern to mow your lawn.  Mowing it in the same direction all the time can hurt your lawn so try mowing in varying patterns to encourage lawn growth.  It can also be an attractive eye catcher for buyers looking at your home.

  4. 4. A can of paint can go a long way to touch up the exterior of your home if you have faded or peeling paint.  Some lenders have issues with peeling paint so grab a brush and touch up those areas that are making things look ugly.

  5. 5. Garage doors can get dirty and dusty both inside and outside.  Gently hit this area with a hoes sprayer, not a power washer, to spruce up the garage door.  Also, getting rid of all those nasty cob webs inside the garage can help buyers feel less intimidated when they enter this area of your home.

  6. 6. If your home’s roof is more than 10 years old, this would be a good time to take a close look at the roof.  Look for loose or missing shingles and replace as needed.  Shingles of this age will start to break loose and buyers can spot them a mile away.

  7. 7. Clutter is bad, plain and simple.  You do not want your buyers looking at all the stuff that you’ve accumulated over the years that you’ve lived there.  Get rid of stuff by selling it, giving it away or donating it to a good cause.  You want your home to shine not look like a hoarder lives there.

  8. 8. Take notice of the front door.  Does it look drab?  If a new door is out of your budget then perhaps a fresh coat of paint will help?  Or consider new hardware for the front door.  A new door knob and new knocker can go a long way to attract buyers.

  9. 9. Driveways that are beaten up with age and lack of care can scare away buyers as well.  By having a fresh coat of sealer put on the driveway, you not only help to protect the driveway but will do wonders for buyers pulling into you home.

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