Cornwall Homes: 7 Steps to a Swift Sale

Written by Posted On Thursday, 22 June 2017 06:32

In Cornwall, every day feels like a holiday. The incomparable beaches, genuine sense of community and restorative properties of a true Cornish pasty force even the most harassed city folk to pause, sit down, and take a breath. With delights scattered all over the county, from Bude to Lands End, enticing visitors with their distinct personalities, it’s easy to see why so many tourists end up extending their break to make Cornwall their permanent home.
If you have a home in Cornwall that you’re looking to sell, you’re in a very fortunate position. The market is constantly brimming with families and couples looking for holiday properties and “forever” homes, so it’s only a matter of time before you find buyers that fall immediately in love. If you’re looking to hurry that process along a little, then here a few simple steps to ensure your property stand out against the competition.


Know Your Buyer

Young couples, growing families and retirees will all be looking for something slightly different in their Cornish haven. Understanding the motivations of your buyers will help you showcase your house in its most appealing light, ultimately helping you sell it quicker. Speak with your estate agent to determine who your main market is, and use this to help you decide what the biggest selling point of your home is.

Get a Building Survey

Survey results are a major cause of scaring buyers off and letting the sale fall through. Stay a step ahead by instructing your own report early on, to warn you of any structural defects that might affect the sale price. Not only will it give you a chance to repair faults before a buyer even sees the house, but it prevents you from wasting money on superficial issues. You may still be in touch with the firm who helped you buy the house initially, if not there are plenty of specialist Surveyors in Cornwall who can help.


Half the beauty of Cornwall is the fabulous weather, so make sure your buyers can imagine themselves sunning in the garden. As a minimum, lawns and flowerbeds should be clean, tidy and looking healthy, and patios or decking should be spotless. If you don’t have a particularly green thumb, hiring a landscaper is a worthwhile investment to create a memorable setting for your property.

Let in the Light

Bring that beautiful Cornish sunshine indoors by getting your windows professionally cleaned, inside and out. You’ll be surprised at how much grime builds up, and how easily we get used to it. Sparkling windows are a sign of good attention to detail, indicating the high quality of the rest of your home, as well as making every room look bigger and brighter.


Curate Your Furniture

Walk through every room and identify any furniture that blocks the “flow” as you move around. Less is absolutely more when attracting buyers, although you can get away with a certain amount of “charm” when you’re selling the Cornwall cottage dream. Each room should have a designated function, so if you have a spare-bedroom-come-office, decide which it’s going to be (use your buyer research to guide you), and put the desk or bed into storage.

Invest in Your Photographer

Put your preparation to good use by hiring a professional photographer to take your advertising pictures. It’s likely that your buyers will be travelling quite a way to view your property, so your photos really need to demonstrate that your home is worth the trip. Don’t forget to take a few location shots, especially if you live on a particularly picturesque street, or right next to a good beach.

Be the Sales Pitch

Offer to chat with potential buyers while they look around, especially if they’re moving from a different county. Vouching for the local community and nearby amenities is a simple way to settle any nerves from moving to a new, unknown town. A personal touch also gives a true sense of Cornwall (although remember to give them space to tour the house without you)!

When it comes down to it, don’t get so caught up in the details about your house that you lose sight of its main benefit: it’s in Cornwall! Before you spend hundreds (or more) on trying to perfect your property, remember that the pull of property in Cornwall is its proximity to a warm community, friendly local businesses and stunning coast. If you can check any of these boxes (and you almost certainly can), you already have a winning hand.




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