LEED Custom Homes Explained

Written by Posted On Thursday, 22 June 2017 09:04

What is LEED?

LEED is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and it’s a certification program for green buildings. Both commercial and residential buildings can be certified as LEED if they meet the standards and ratings. LEED homes have many benefits from saving money, increasing home value, and improving health, not to mention benefiting the planet.


You might wonder how LEED homes are different from other green homes. A green home may have certain eco-friendly features but a LEED homes have all eco-friendly features. Instead of a few green features, LEED homes are green from top to bottom, from inside to out.


Aspects of LEED Homes

Compares to standard homes, LEED custom homes are better for the environment. There aren’t just eco-friendly reasons to build a LEED home though; there are selfish reasons too. Here are a few aspects of a LEED custom home.

·            Insulation: LEED custom homes are fully sealed and insulated. This helps keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. For you, this means you’ll spend less money on regulating the temperature of your home.

·            Water: Part of LEED homes is installing low-flow toilets, shower heads, and faucets. This saves more water, which is good for the planet and your wallet as it means a lower water bill.

·            Air: The air quality in LEED homes is much higher than in standard ones. Not only are there fewer toxins in the air, allergens, mold, and other air born things are filtered out thanks to top quality ventilation systems.


Advantages of a LEED Home

There are multiple advantages to living in a LEED custom home. Your bills will greatly be reduced but your certified green home will also have an increased home value. This means that whenever you decide to sell your home you will get more for it, and sell it quicker, than a standard custom home.


Your family’s health will also improve by living in a LEED custom home. Allergens will be filtered out and toxic materials aren’t used during the building process. Your family won’t be coming into contact with these materials that can cause health problems. The health of the planet is also improved by building LEED homes. They not only use fewer resources, but they are also built using renewable, recycles, and non-toxic materials.


How To Build a LEED Home

If you want to build a custom LEED home in Toronto the first step is to find a home builder that specializes in green homes. Remember, it is always easier to build a LEED home from scratch rather than convert an existing structure later on. The initial cost of a LEED home will be more than covered from saved bills in the long run. Contact a Toronto Custom Home Builder today to get started on your new beautiful, LEED custom home.

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