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15 Amazing Wooden Coffee Tables

Written by Posted On Friday, 23 June 2017 06:43

15 Amazing Wooden Coffee Tables

Home decor is the most basic thing to make a house feel like home. Interior design you create gets in touch with not only your taste, but also your personality. There are experts who can learn about a person by reading his or her handwriting, well it's the same with your home.

We all want to make our home a special place just as we all want to stand out of the crowd. And there is no better way to fill it with one-of-a-kind objects that will support your home style and at the same time offer some focal points in your interior.

Coffee tables can never be odd. They always add some mystery and comfort to a home of any style. The works presented below are the masterpieces of carpentry work. They can fit any home design and style, apartment and country house. Whatever living space you have, have a look at this masterwork.


shape coffee table1

Scrupulous work of carpenters created a table "Forrest". Whether it's in the focus of your room, or on the side, it can leave no one indifferent.

The Earth

Woodworking ideas

Combination of three textures and materials would be a perfect addition to a big room with a fireplace to put hot chocolate cups on it during the cold winter nights.

Half cup

3591 750x539

It looks as if these blocks are separated from each other. However, this feeling is deceptive. This is a solid table on a stable basis finely honed and covered with lacquer.


3607 750x510

This table is perfect for a working cabinet and wine lovers. Put there whatever bottles you have to either show off or always have access to your favorite drink. Ensure that it's always full!



Whether you need a table, a counter, shelves or just a stool, this multifunctional piece can do everything. A perfect addition to small apartments and modern designs.


All Modern

The circles on the wood demonstrate its age. This fine coffee table can occupy your guests for a long time not only because of its age, but also due to the perfect shape and style.

The Abyss

Amy Harris

Drawn in your coffee table forever. This little piece of the ocean would work perfectly for big open spaces that contain lots of light and freshness.


Anotn Maka Design


People in love with minimalism would like this coffee table. There is nothing here, but a piece of lacquered wood. Ideal for all spaces and functions you may find for it.


Antiquity 7 554x366

If your planning a new apartment with old elements in an ancient style, then this should be your choice. This table can easily be done in a DIY project, but make sure that the wheels match the wood.

Table or shelves?

Ashley Jones

Whatever you need this table has to offer. A little of minimalism or as many shelves as you want, a small coffee table in the corner or a focal point of the interior. If you like being different, this is your perfect choice!

Wooden blocks

blocos madeira mesa centro referans

This is just refined wooden blocks that can be put in any order and combination. Ensure that if you purchase a table of this type, your wood is not too heavy, otherwise it would be pretty problematic to change configurations.

Old box

Frog Goes to Market

What is good about this table is that you can easily make it yourself. Just take an old box, wash it and refine to avoid dirt and you're done! Furthermore, the box can open to add some functionality and storage space.


il 570xN.467147983 qnbz

While the wooden net connects wooden parts the difference in colors still creates unique feeling of unity and completeness.



Whether you need a little table or a chair, this piece of carpentry can do both. Its small size allows to use it for both table and chair needs.

Two in one


Two in one is a great bargain. This table can be a coffee table for your living room or a full sized dinner table when you throw a party. Perfect addition to a small apartment. 

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