Insights on What Makes a Well-Landscaped Home

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The landscaping of a property is often overlooked by homeowners but determines the curb appeal of the house. When you want to increase the style of your property, there are a few ways to improve the design and layout of the landscaping. If you want to create a well-landscaped home, there are a few important ways of transforming the environment.

Limit the Number of Plant Species suggests limiting the number of plant species in the yard to make it look uniform and organized with its layout. Group plants based on their color of type, which can create a visually appealing design that is eye-catching. It will also be easier to maintain the yard or garden if there are sections that need more watering or shade.

You can also add welcoming plants that are more colorful near the entrance of the yard. Potted plants can also be used for more variety and to add extra dimension to the setting.

Plant Trees

Planting trees are essential to fill in bare areas of the yard and boost the appearance of your home's exterior. You'll create more shade on the property that makes it easy to spend time in the front or backyard in warmer seasons of the year. The trees can also help to shade the building, which will allow you to have a cooler interior setting that is more energy-efficient.

Edge the Lawn

Edging the lawn is one of the most important parts of increasing your home's landscaping to make it look manicured and attractive in the neighborhood. A lawn that is overgrown can cause it to look neglected. Edge the lawn every week or two along the driveway, garden beds, and the sidewalks to make everything look sharp and attractive. Creating an attractive exterior will allow the home to have a higher value and make it look maintained well.

Create Curved Lines recommends creating curved lines with your edging around the house's foundation or garden beds for added character that allows the landscaping to appear maintained and inviting. The permanent edging will enhance various features in the yard and will draw more attention to specific areas after using pool builders like in San Diego to install an in-ground pool.

Use Native Plants

Incorporating native plants into your landscaping will make it easier to maintain the space without using plants that are high-maintenance. Native plants can thrive in different seasons throughout the year and don't require too much watering or pruning. The plants will not only increase the design of your yard but will cut down on the cost of landscaping throughout the year.

Use Starter Fertilizer

HGTV recommends using starter fertilizer once you begin planting flowers or trees to allow them to thrive because it has a low amount of nitrogen. The fertilizer is more phosphorous and can increase the soil area.

You also want to choose wisely between bulk and bagged to avoid making mistakes with enhancing the quality of your landscaping. You'll want to use bulk material if you plan to dump it in a spot where it'll spread. You can benefit from bagged material if it's going to be moved again once it's delivered. If you want to buy enough soil the first time, calculate the square footage of the yard before converting it to cubic feet to determine the amount that is needed.

Hiring a professional to test the soil is also important to determine the best type of soil for your type of lawn and flower garden. Testing the soil ahead of time can avoid costly mistakes and will allow your yard to thrive.

Utilize Professionals’ Knowledge

If you don’t know where to start or run into issues, don’t be afraid to get in touch with a service that can help you out. Most hardware stores or plant nurseries have experts that are willing to give you some tips.

If you’re running into pest issues, it can be beneficial to hire a pro as well. Especially if you’re dealing with biting bugs you may want to hire someone to do termite, mosquito or fire ant control around your property before it gets out of hand.


When you want to create a beautiful landscape on your property, there are several steps to take to ensure that it looks maintained well. With the right steps taken, you can feel proud to show off your home in the neighborhood and can keep it looking attractive in each season.

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