10 Outdoor Furniture Tips for Your Patio

Written by Erin Posted On Sunday, 25 June 2017 18:55

When you want to add some flair to your house, you should start styling up your patio better. After all, most bypassers can only see and appreciate the outside part of your house. Add the fact that, that part of your house will always be the first to welcome you after a tiresome day. Then, if you have a well-organized patio, it will give you relaxing outside vibes and to make it more organized, the furniture that you will put in it will have a big impact.

So here are 10 useful tips to consider when choosing the right furniture for your patio.


  1. 1. Know The Design You Want

Before going to your nearest patio furniture shop, you must first have a plan. Picture out the outcome you want to achieve in your head first. Start with how you want your patio to function. Do you want a peaceful place to just sit, read, and relax? If so, you don’t probably need a dining table. A soft and comfy sofa will do. But if you prefer to have visitors frequently, a couple of chairs with a table in the middle will fit perfectly.


  1. 2. Go for Easy Care

You want to spend most of your time relaxing or even gardening in your patio, not trying to fix broken furniture due to bad weathers. So to achieve the goal, you may want to opt for furniture that can easily be taken care of. Try to look for furniture made of metal, teak, cedar, and other all-weather materials because they will look good for years with minimal to no maintenance at all.




  1. 3. Pay attention to Textiles

Same to above, when choosing a furniture and decorations, you should consider the textiles. Since they will spend most of their useful years outside, you should choose textile materials which are water-resistant and UV repellent. This kind of materials will look and feel soft for a couple more years compared to others.

You may also want to purchase a sofa that has cushions which can be unzipped for a seasonal wash, repair, or even replacement when needed.


  1. 4. Splash Color

Do not limit yourself in choosing the color of your furniture. Other people only buy wooden colors, black, white, or metal pieces. Colorful stuff will fit your outdoor space and it will make it more vibrant and fun.


  1. 5. Recycle, Be Creative!

Sometimes, you don’t even have to spend that much to have a beautiful patio. There are things in your house that you don’t use anymore that can be transformed into a beautiful furniture. Those used tires can be transformed into seats or flower pots. You can even convert those wooden pallets into tables or chairs. You just have to creatively think outside the box to make it pretty and useful.



  1. 6. Consider Movable Furniture

If you are into outdoor barbeques and get together with friends and relative, you should consider buying movable furniture. It can help you configure how many seats you need outside easily.


  1. 7. Have a foldable furniture

If you have a limited space for your patio, having a foldable furniture will help you customize the place easier. It will let you save a lot of space without compromising the functionality of the furniture. It will also allow you to store it effortlessly during the off season or when you don’t need it.


  1. 8. Consider Integrated Storage

When you slacked outside in your patio, you will probably feel lazy to go inside your house because you forgot to bring something. If you have a storage outside, it will not be a problem. There are a lot of furniture available in the market that can also be used as a storage. You can actually have coasters, beverage napkins, candles, outdoor cushion, blankets and others.


  1. 9. Invest in Quality Furniture

When shopping for furniture, you definitely get what you pay for. Some things appear to be more expensive in first sight but if you come to think of it, sometimes buying those things can save you a lot in the long run. Cheap products like plastic will easily fade its color and will become brittle and eventually break. Same with wood products that are made out of weak materials. These items can only be used for a year or two. But with quality products, some of them will have definitely more useful years.


  1. 10. Choose Multi-Purpose Furniture

Try searching for furniture that has more than one function. It will save you money and space and they will spice up your patio because they really look cool. Center tables that can be turned into chairs or sofas then turn into beds are just some of the clever furniture out there you can choose from.

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