How to Protect Your Listed Property from Intruders

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Homes listed for sale are often unoccupied. This represents a significant security risk, as empty properties are a target for bored kids, opportunist thieves and vandals, and anyone looking for a warm, dry place to set up home (without paying rent). You could take a chance and hope that your property won't attract the interest of anyone unsavory, but it is far better to take a few precautions to keep it safe, whether it is unoccupied or not.   

How to Protect Your Listed Property from Intruders

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The following tips are suitable for all budgets, but if you want a more comprehensive solution, contact a security professional and ask them to conduct a few security reviews.

Window and Door Locks

All windows and doors should remain locked as an absolute minimum. Leaving your home unlocked is like posting an ad on social media inviting everyone in the neighborhood to a free party. Modern windows and doors come with deadlocks as standard, but if you have an older property, a competent locksmith can fit new locks retrospectively. External doors should have deadbolts and rim/mortise locks. Secure windows with locks, bolts, and latches. 

Shutters and Grills

All the locks in the world are useless if an intruder decides to smash a window in a concealed part of the property. Double-glazed windows are harder to break, but a sharp instrument should do the trick. The best way to deter anyone from smashing a window is to fit good quality metal security grills over all external windows and doors. Metal shutters are not easy to remove, so they will deter all but the most determined intruder.

Security Lighting

Intruders prefer to work in the dark. They don’t want to be seen by concerned neighbors or passing patrol cars, so blazing security lights are likely to put them off. Install halogen security lights all around the property, so no corner is left in darkness.

Entry Level Alarm

You can pick up an inexpensive entry-level home security system from good DIY stores. These typically come with a few movement sensors and a central control panel. If a sensor is triggered, a loud verbal alarm will alert your neighbors and you (if you are at home). Often, a visible alarm box on an external wall will deter intruders, as most don’t like taking unnecessary risks. However, many people ignore a burglar alarm, so if you want a better solution, opt for a monitored system.

Monitored Alarm

Monitored alarms are linked to an external monitoring station, so if the alarm is triggered, it will be investigated by security personnel or local law enforcement officials.


Installing CCTV cameras in and around your home lets you monitor what’s happening, even if you are not around. Cameras run 24/7 and can prove a useful deterrent against intruders since most of them don’t want to be caught on camera and risk serving time in jail.

A property is a major asset, so protect it with at least one of the security options above. If you don’t, you could lose significant amounts of money.

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