Eight Home Design Trends for 2017

Written by Posted On Monday, 26 June 2017 11:41

If you're considering a home redesign in 2017, you're in the right place. This year, some of the hottest runway inspired trends emphasize soft comfort, natural materials, and warm, elegant spaces--not to mention the latest in smart home technology. Here are eight great home design trends to take advantage of in 2017.


Matte Appliances and Fixtures

While burnished stainless steel surfaces have long been the gold standard for kitchen appliances, House Beautiful notes that matte finishes, as well as warmer gold and bronze tones, are hot in 2017. Satin and brushed brass is another popular way to create this aesthetic. This new look adds warmth and unexpected depth to a space that's often considered the heart of the home.


Bright, Nature-Inspired Jewel Tones

With Pantone naming the spring-invoking Greenery as its 2017 Color of the Year, it's no wonder that Elle Decor considers this grass-inspired hue the hottest interior paint color of the year, too. Vogue indicates that shades of green from lime to emerald are a cutting-edge choice this year. Other top choices include deep, mineral-inspired jewel tones and flowery pastels.


Voice-Activated Assistants

Forbes notes that with the recent debuts of both Amazon's Alexa and Google Home, smart voice assistants are set to exponentially increase in 2017. As a bonus, these technologies are gaining new skills as the parent companies partner with different providers, meaning you can call an Uber, add an item to your shopping list, or play your favorite song just by saying it out loud.


Mixed Patterns

This look showed up on the fashion runway in Fall 2016, and clothing trends typically offer a glimpse of what's coming up in home decor. To try this trend without overwhelming your space, keep it to one statement piece (a throw, chair, or rug, for example).


Faux Finishes

Whether as a budgetary or an attempt to lower your carbon footprint by choosing sustainable materials, more and more homeowners are opting for realistic but engineered versions of luxe finishes like leather, marble, and wood. As a bonus, these materials are not only much more affordable and better for the environment, they also tend to be more durable than their real counterparts.


Playing Up "Forgotten" Spaces

While laundry rooms and entryways are often an afterthought, Forbes reports that homeowners are spending more money to design these spaces than ever before. The reason? Spaces that measure about 150 square feet allow you to have fun with design and decor without exceeding a modest budget. The best renovations for these spaces combine storage functionality with the homeowner's individual aesthetic.


Cork Walls

This unusual design choice has a few key benefits. Cork is an environmentally sustainable material, making it an ideal option for those who are already taking steps to be kind to the planet like with green carpet cleaning services. It also offers excellent soundproofing, so it works well in small spaces where privacy is at a premium.


Textured Surfaces

You've likely heard of hygge, the Scandinavian design trend that prizes cozy, comfortable spaces. One way the hygge vibe is appearing in American homes is with the use of lush, plush textures. Think velvet sofas with plenty of soft pleats, lush throws in mohair and faux fur, and the most luxurious cotton sheets. For best results, layer textures on top of one another for the ultimate in hygge.



Whether you're moving into a new home and want to make it your own or are ready to give a familiar, lived-in space a new look, choosing one or more of these runway-inspired trends will provide fresh, modern appeal, in turn increasing your enjoyment in your home.

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