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People Designing Their Own Luxury Homes: New Trend Emerging

Written by Posted On Thursday, 29 June 2017 00:35
People Designing Their Own Luxury Homes: New Trend Emerging http://luxurydefined.christiesrealestate.com/

There is a new trend emerging amongst individuals that want a new home built to their specification, these people are individuals whom are generally of a high net worth and wish to own and live in a property that is “made to order” or “custom built”

What is a custom built home?

A custom built home is a home that has been made in accordance with a pre-determined specification provided by a property developer.

Generally the process is that a property developer (in this case a “home owner”) has ideas for how they would like their home to be purpose built, they then speak with an architect and have these ideas put into plans.

These properties are generally large-scale homes that have a number of bespoke elements designed for the more specific needs of affluent clientele.

As a result the demand for reputable luxury home builders has increased significantly and this has resulted in an increase in activity for building companies offering luxury home construction.

Advantages Of Having A Home Built To Order (Custom Home Construction)

  1. The client has the opportunity to specify their own requirements for the home, if they wish to have a house that has three floors and seven bedrooms, this can be made possible for them, they can have their home exactly how they want it to be.
  2. Luxury homes are generally extremely impressive and comfortable to live in, this gives any potential clients the prospect of living in a house that is not only impressive, but priceless in terms of the value, bespoke elements that are added onto a property can not only increase the saleability of that property, but also increase the value significantly.
  3. Once planning permission is granted for a bespoke or luxury home project, the homeowner can have anything they want added onto the home, this can mean a basement conversion, a loft conversion, the implementation of multiple floors, outhouses or orangeries orangeries in particular are a popular addition to homes up and down the UK) and generally anything that the space allows.
  4. Internal decorations, on a bespoke property, the internal decoration can be made in such a way that everything is how the client specified in the planning phase, if the client wants specific décor or has a bespoke requirement in terms of (for example) a stairlift, this is also possible as are a number of different customized features of a bespoke home.

Potential Disadvantages Of Custom Made Homes

  1. The cost will be significant in comparison to homes that are already built, it costs a lot of money to have a luxury home built from scratch, this is worth keeping in mind when looking for options in terms of having a new place to live.
  2. The process can be more complex than the clients may have initially thought, you have to be very clear on communication with the architect, this relates to requirements both internally and externally, and having to provide extensive information (to some clients) is a point for frustration.
  3. Planning permission is not necessarily as straightforward as some people would envisage, to gain planning permission for a luxury home build is a lot different to getting planning permission for an orangery or a two storey home extension.
  4. There may be unexpected expenses during the course of the construction of the bespoke property, this is something that can only be estimated at the beginning of proceedings, however unexpected costs can occur during a luxury home build.

One particularly important point to keep in mind is that you need to be sure the company you are working with can carry out the work to the best of professional standards and building regulations.

This includes measures taken for the safety of the public as well as for the safety of the builders themselves, so make sure the company adheres to all safety regulation before agreeing to have a luxury home built by them.

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