8 Awesome Upgrade Ideas for a Grill Area Makeover

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Summer is finally here and what a better way to kick it off than by having a delicious meal under a clear blue sky. Just the thought of an outdoor barbecue or a grill party makes everyone look forward to the sunny days and mild nights of summer. Why not get inspiration for giving your grill area a makeover from the awesome upgrade ideas below?

Turn it Into a Place of Its Own


Believe it or not, choosing to place your grilling area away from your house can make it more special, albeit a little inconvenient. Doing so will make grilling feel like a getaway especially if you happen to install it on an area overlooking a view or perhaps your pool.

Create a Prep Zone


Because a grill area is often the site of an ongoing outdoor party, you wouldn’t want to miss any of the fun if you’re hosting. Creating a prep zone complete with plumbing will let you be outside in nice weather while doing the cutting, dicing, and marinating. More so, some of your family and/or guests would also love to watch you bring to life their favourite grilled foods.

Invest in Night Lighting


Why have a dedicated grill area if you won’t use it for nighttime grilling? To make your grill area even more special, invest in installing a combination of direct lighting over the eating and grill areas and some landscape lighting in surrounding areas. That will give you a romantic and lively ambiance that you’ll surely enjoy.

Add Stools Near the Grill


Bar height table and stools or a long bench makes for a great seating and eating area where family and/or guests can watch you cook and grill. You can opt to have these built-in or just purchase outdoor stools and a table.

Don’t Forget a Big Umbrella


It is essential that you have some form of shelter and shade for your grill area; even better if it happens to be a freestanding big umbrella that can be moved elsewhere when needed. This can help shade the prep area, the dining area, and your main grill area. A roof would be great too if your grill area is quite large. Just be sure that you follow safety guidelines where you live to avoid anything catching fire.

Go for Rough


Although, technically illegal in Oakville, a campfire style grilling area would be great. More so if you live right on Lake Ontario. You can also opt for a stone fire pit with detachable grilling plates for your convenience.

Add a Mini Fridge


A mini fridge can hold a lot of meat while marinating and can also keep drinks cold. No need to keep trekking back to the kitchen especially if your outdoor grill area is not situated in the house’s immediate vicinity.

A Window for Direct Kitchen Access


If your grilling area is just right beside your kitchen, why not create a window that will let you directly pass things between the two areas. This will make meal prep so much faster and easier. You might even enjoy the food truck or outdoor vibe you’ll get.

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