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Gardeners Tips: 4 Elements of Chinese Landscaping

Written by Posted On Monday, 03 July 2017 09:19

If you decided to turn your backyard into something new, then summer is one of the best times to do so. It is easy to work with ground and the paint dries fast enough. The only question is what style to choose for your new garden?

Old traditions of Chinese culture have roots in ancient times, so there is nothing better than a Chinese backyard to make yourself comfortable in the backyard at all times. Below we prepared description of four main elements that any Chinese garden must have.

chinese garden design landscape ideas



Water is one of the central elements in a Chinese garden. You have to consider installation of waterfalls or creation of some pounds in the backyard even before you begin planning anything else. And the important tip here is to consult with  several landscaping companiesing companies to ensure that you can do such a project in the backyard and also to choose the most appropriate contractor.

Puns and rivers are considered to be better for Chinese Garden projects because the flat surface at a reflection in the mirror symbolizes both life and the feminine principles of the universe. Furthermore, the mirror effect can also visually enlarge your backyard if you have spatial issues.

To make the water work for you, you can also add some natural stone into it or build a bridge over the small river or pond. Make sure that all elements used in the project are natural!




Stone is a skeleton for everything in the Chinese culture. Stones are the most distinctive elements of Chinese gardens. So ensure you have them included into the project.

You can think of some stone-made architectural pieces, such as benches or a table, or you can just use this material as an element of the general garden landscape.




As we are talking about a backyard, plants are obligatory/ Opt for various perennials, aquatic plants, bamboo, flowers, shrubs and trees. Don’t try to make everything look absolutely neat and precise – this is not English or French garden. Chinese culture is about remembering the past, so the picture you are trying to create is the one where the nature takes its route and occupies your backyard. Try to make everything look as natural as you can!

Don’t also forget about the flowers that would make your garden smell good throughout the year. It is advised to hire or at least consult with gardeners to ensure that during the whole year you will have some kind of good-smelling flower in blossom.

chinese garden



And the last element is bamboo. Yes, this is also a plant, but it is separated here because it must always be present in your Chinese garden. Of course, you are likely to have no space to build a bamboo forest, yet you can always use this giant grass as a fence in your garden. Bamboo fence will add a lot of privacy to your backyard and at the same time will stay within the general theme. Furthermore, keep in mind that you can purchase bamboo furniture for the garden to complete the design.


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