Major things to consider before building your dream home

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building new house plan building new house plan

When not managing to find exactly what they want among the existing houses available on the real estate market and not willing to settle for something less, people decide to take up a once-in-a-lifetime adventure of building their own home. However, there’re so many details and big decisions involved in the process, that it’s quite easy to miss something important and make a disastrous mistake that will ruin the entire experience and turn the dream home into the house of struggles. Therefore, I’ve put an emphasis on certain aspects of home construction future homeowners need to pay special attention to when developing a floor plan and implementing it in practice.

Make sure that you’re actually satisfied with the floor plan

The layout of rooms is one of the first deal-breaking decisions a future homeowner has to make when embarking on the construction process. But, for some of us, it’s quite difficult to imagine what the house from the architect’s drawings is going to look like in real life. That’s why, unless you’re building a custom home and designing a floor plan from scratch, I would suggest asking the builder if he’s already constructed a home using a similar plan and contact the owners of that property to ask for a walk-through.

It will give you a visual understanding of the architect’s plans. You will get a chance to observe every single detail of that plan in real life and decide which aspects you absolutely love and which things you would like to change.

For that same reason, I would also recommend staying away from contractors who only work with production homes and don’t allow any customer personalization when it comes to the floor plan, the basic structure of a house and its square footage.

black and white interior macbook drawing

HVAC system requires a lot of attention

HVAC system construction involves a number of concerns new homeowners don’t think about until they encounter those troubles after moving in. It’s also something you can’t really control due to the lack of specific knowledge. But, there’re certain things you should look out for when discussing the HVAC system plan with your contractors:

• the layout that will prevent such homeowner’s nightmares as moisture and mold;

• advanced technological solutions that will make the system able to provide for the entire household while ensuring energy saving properties;

• the units that are powerful enough to cool your house down in summer and make it warm and cozy in winter.

solutions hvac

You don’t want to build a poorly lit home

Lighting is a key feature that determines the way the house looks and feels from the inside. Thus, when working with your builder and subcontractors, make sure to make an emphasis on the number of lighting fixtures in each room, their location and lighting properties.

Ensure the maximum amount of natural light by adding extra windows and skylights. And (as we’re already talking about the electricity), decide on the placement of power sockets and ask the builders to install enough in each room, especially in the kitchen and the living room areas.

dream home lighting

Turn energy efficiency into one of your main objectives

One of the perks of building a new home is that you get to make the full use of eco-friendly modern technologies that allow average homeowners to implement green practices in their daily life while saving money on water and electricity.

 From decreasing the household’s water consumption to installing automatized energy efficient systems that reduce the costs and last much longer than conventional technology – that’s what a smart future homeowner needs to think about when planning a new house construction. Triol Corporation is one of the outstanding companies that provide revolutionary solutions in the sphere of power electronics and offers a wide range of related services to both heavy industry enterprises and residential customers. If quality, safety, innovation, sustainability and great service are the things that matter the most to you, you won’t regret cooperating with them.

energy efficiency building a new house

Decide on the furniture layout early on

While you still want your house interior options to be versatile, it’s still necessary to develop a furniture layout plan early in the construction process, preferably even before you finalize the plan and start digging. Work with an interior designer and make sure that the bathroom appliances you want to include will fit into the designated rooms, that you will have enough space for your dream kitchen and that the living room won’t appear too cramped up after you set up the couches and the TV unit. This way you will be able to adjust your floor plan to the desired kitchen/bathroom/bedroom layout before it’s too late and you have to move the walls of a brand-new home to make it work.

new house kitchen layout

Include as much storage as you can

Storage is something we always lack no matter what. Thus, ask the builder to introduce more storage opportunities into your home’s plan than you think you need: those extra kitchen cabinets, pantry shelves, spacious closets, laundry room cupboards and linen storage won’t remain empty for too long.

closet in bedroom

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