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Old school meets new school

Written by Posted On Saturday, 08 July 2017 16:15
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Obviously evolving in the real estate market is a must to stay ahead. The question is with thousands of new ways to market and sale real estate how do you know what's most effective and what is waste of your valuable time?

It's not easy but as a web hosting service and marketing company we deal with this everyday as well. so when a real estate agent or company comes to Web Host Pro we start with the best ROI and than show more risky options later. There is plenty to do that we know will work. You just have to decide the time vs effort vs cost factor.

Here is the top ways: 

1. MLS Listing

2. Facebook friends and pages

3. Website optimized for local keywords

4. Flyers and local ads

5. Craigslist

If you focus on these you will get more targeting beter converting marketing efforts.

MLS is a given unless you are a for sale by owner in which the for sale by owner websites are best.

Facebook requires getting lots of friends, just make sure they are local.

A website is the best long term investment. You can add keywords and optimize it for your area to get free Google traffic that is extremely targeted. First use a good web host like Web Host Pro. Then add a script that runs real estate listing like Wordpress. You can add each new listing as a new post.

Sending flyers in the mail can work well. Just target apartments and the area you are selling to.

Craigslist is free so you can't go wring adding your listing there. Make sure and link back to your Facebook and Website!

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