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Clever Ideas for a Tiny Balcony

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 11 July 2017 05:09

When talking about living spaces, the number one thing most of us wishes for is having more space. The very second thing on the list is outdoor space. After living in far too many apartments without any outdoor space, I was absolutely set on getting the one with a balcony. It wasn’t anything luxurious, but I could finally drink my morning coffee out in the fresh air. I soon learned that having a tiny balcony requires a lot of creative thinking. But I like to think that I did a pretty good job with it, and I have some tips to share on how to make your small balcony feel like a rooftop extravaganza.

Don’t overcrowd it

Just because you can fit a large armchair on your balcony, doesn’t mean you should. Overcrowding the space will make your balcony look even smaller and you risk losing the feeling of open space, which is what a balcony is all about. If you have a lot of plants, try placing them in hanging pots on the outer side of your balcony – at least during the seasons when they can survive the weather. Strategically choose a few pieces of furniture that you’d like to use constantly, and always think about ways you can minimize the space your furniture takes up. Fold-up and 2-in-1 pieces are great for this purpose. Simply put them away when you’re not using them and you are good to go.

Mix style and function

Having a place where you can get some fresh air, sunbathe and just relax outside of your four walls is great, but it is also very useful. Think about all the ways you can utilize the space and the unique benefits that having an outdoor space brings. It can be anything from laying some fresh herbs out to dry on a table to hanging your clothes out to air dry when it’s warm enough outside. You can get a small portable grill and have a grill party even without a backyard. Not to mention all the benefits of growing your own herbs, vegetables or fruit right next to your apartment.

Make it comfortable

No matter how close it might be to your apartment, your balcony is still an outdoor space, which means  it comes with its fair share of problems. If your balcony is completely open, sometimes the sun might be just a bit too much to handle, in which case you should definitely invest in a sunshade or even a small, portable fan. For me personally, insects were a big problem. It took some research, but I found someone who can install flyscreens in Sydney and that was the end of that problem. If you feel like noise is the problem, putting screens all around your balcony, or simply investing in good quality noise-cancelling headphones could be a simple yet effective solution. To make sure you have all the privacy you need, you can install curtains on the inner side of the balcony door, and you can also put some around the entire balcony as well.

Having a small balcony doesn’t mean that you can’t have the luxury that is traditionally associated with a larger outer space. Follow the “less is more” rule when it comes to furnishing and adapt it to be the space that you need it to be. Having a balcony opens up so many possibilities and you are completely free to try whatever ideas you have to make the most out of the space you have. And if you are just now furnishing your balcony, remember that it is all just practice for one day when you will have a big backyard where you’ll be able to make all of your outdoor wishes come true.

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