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Country Patio in French Style: Designer’s Advice

Written by Posted On Sunday, 16 July 2017 01:46

Imagine sunny France with its cheery alfresco terraces and soft warm sunlight. You step on the sundrenched patio to taste some cooled sparkling wine and enjoy some parmesan with olives? Can you feel that pleasant breeze and light music sounding from all open windows?

Yes, you definitely hear and feel everything about France and are definitely willing to see it. Yet, there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars to buy plane tickets and book expensive hotels because you can easily create a small island of France on your patio. Whether you want to create a French style garden with a patio in the backyard or just have a big balcony in your apartment, the tips provided below will be useful in any case.


Drink Dispenser

Summer is in its zenith, so refreshing drinks at the patio are must-haves. But don’t try to bring bottles and plastic cups to your French patio – think further and get a drink dispenser. This large glass vessel can be both a decor element and a functional container for your natural lemonade or mojito. Serve beverages to your guests in a sophisticated way – inspire and surprise them with new recipes and colors.

realtytimes dispenser


Watering Can

What kind of garden can it be if you don’t have plants? Of course, you need to have lots of beautifully smelling flowers if you have a backyard and put several flower pots if you have a balcony or patio. To create the authentic look for your French patio, you’ll need to go to a local flea market and look for a metal watering can. Try to get one of the previous century so that it would bring some ancient history to your design.

realtytimes watering can


Colorful Rug

Rugs are special elements of French patios according to exterior and interior designers. So you need to look for one, where your pet will be lying or to ensure that on cool mornings you don’t get cold feet. Choose color palette for your rug according to the overall tendency of the patio and add some softness and personality to your decor. Opt for round rugs that smooth and relax the ambience.

realtytimes colorful rug


Woven Basket

French women love wondering around the fields collecting different good-smelling herbage. Then they dry those plants and put into nice baskets on the patios. So add some true frenchness to your patio with a woven basket. You can fill it with plants or just put some fruits not to let it stay empty. Whatever feels right for you – go for it!

realtytimes basket


Metal Table

Metal table is a must-have for a French patio. It doesn’t have to be big, but round shape is preferable. Look for old tables from the beginning of the 20th century with hammered legs and florid ornaments on the surface. Again, look for such treasures at your local flea market because elegant curves of a well-worn table will add charm and mystery to your patio.

realtytimes table


1950s-Style Linens

Yes, you read just right. Flowery patterns are very popular in French style designs. Look for soft colored, colorful cotton linens that can cover your table. Don’t’ use them for everyday purposes though. If you have chosen a truly beautiful table with curved winding, then use old-style linens for special guests or some celebrations to differentiate those days from routine.

realtytimes linens

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