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7 Fences to Improve Your Home Safety and Privacy

Written by Posted On Monday, 24 July 2017 03:34

Fences have not been common in the past, yet today they become important and fashionable among homeowners. They not only protect your home from the unwelcomed guests, but also add the last feature for the home’s façade. Of course, you have to match your existing interior design with the future fence if you aim to decorate your home and not destroy its interior forever. Right away we would give you an advice: don’t build a concrete oh high brick wall to cover your home from the neighborhood. It will only make your house look ugly and unfriendly.

If you have no idea how to increase home value with a new fence, this is the right article for you. Below you can find seven modern fence styles to make your home look and feel a better place.


1. Stone base with metal bars

Stone and steel sheets is a perfect combination that can look amazing and at the same time provide one of the highest levels of security. If you also opt for the see-through feature of the metal bars, you can highlight the exterior design of your home. If you still feel unsafe, you can add a horizontal steel bar that would enhance protection features without blocking house façade.

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2. Grill in unusual patterns

Metal grills have been used by fence contractors since the beginning of the previous century. But they look dull without some additional design. To make them look appealing you can move away from traditional horizontal strips to irregular and even chaotic patterns. Use different materials, mix grills with bricks and even coated wood to create a sophisticated exterior boundary.

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3. Vertical sheet metal strips

This fence is perfect for those who have modern homes and want to preserve this feeling. Tal vertical sheet strips act as a safety barrier while the gaps in between showcase your beautiful yard. If you have a beautiful garden or landscape design, then this is the best way to show off with your greenery.

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4. Transparent effect with iron

Wrought iron fences have been traditional in old houses. If you’d like to preserve it, it’s better to look for specialized fence contractors who can restore such a beauty. You can check hirerush.com if you still haven’t found the right contractor for this kind of project. In case you want to make the fence look more modern, use black iron frames with thinner grills in between. This is a perfect option to highlight the house without compromising on safety.

popular decorative iron fencing ornamental iron fence and wrought iron gates 18

5. Concrete fence with stone cladding

If you want additional safety of the stone, you still need to make it look attractive. Use stone cladding to that will modernize your fence to make it more time appropriate. Don’t forget that you can play with patterns; for instance, you can leave gaps in the cladding or add some simple geometric designs on the fence. To make the whole picture of your home and fence looking complete you can choose the same color and material on the fence and the exterior walls.


6. Green boundary

Green boundaries always look amazing and add warmth to the home’s design. The only “headache” with them is to ensure that the bushes are properly trimmed and taken care of. If you love countryside style then with a green fence you can transform your modern city house into a little island of the countryside. Add some trail vines or creepers along a metal fence or just grow ivy on a traditional stone wall in order to get a natural and effective boundary.


7. Lace-like design – stunning!

Intricate metal in intertwined patterns can embellish your home by making the fence look like it’s covered with rich and exquisite lace. This kind of spectacular design guarantees to make your house the most noticeable one in the neighborhood.

 lace fence1

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