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8 Easy Ways to Achieve a Peaceful Home

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 25 July 2017 10:19

The home should not just be a place to rest the body but to find a retreat for the mind as well. Try our tips for a peaceful home below and convert your home into a serene space free from distractions!

Keep a Clear Floor

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Clean and clear floors bring airiness and can make a space feel larger. Not only does it improve air quality but can prevent potential accidents from tripping over things. Clear floors also serve as a minimalistic canvass to the other objects in your home, bringing out their beauty.

Use Soft Lighting

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Lighting that looks like natural light makes a world of difference in creating a space for relaxing. Install dimmers so you won’t have to be exposed to stark white light indoors. Add shades and filters to soften the light from artificial sources. Make use of candles when having dinner or taking a bath. Your senses will be thanking you!

Make Clearing Surfaces a Daily Habit

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It only takes a few days of not clearing things that are not in use for clutter to accumulate in the home. You don’t want this because clutter creates visual distraction that can affect the way you think and feel. By tackling small things daily, such as putting away the laundry, filing letters as they come in, or not letting unfinished tasks linger, you are not only clearing surfaces in your home but also working on your mental clarity.

Be Selective in Your Décor

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Decorations that carry no meaning for you and do not bring you joy are nothing but space fillers. Make it a point to decorate with beautiful objects that you enjoy. Science has proven that exposure to things you love and enjoy can inspire you and help with minimising stress levels.

Go for Natural Scents

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Natural scents have a way of purifying the home and creating a calming atmosphere. Just make sure that you do not overdo this and choose complementary scents if you want to use more than one. There are plenty of essential oils and natural elements like leaves, flowers, and beeswax candles to choose from.

Organise and Declutter

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Donate, sell, or throw away things that you have no need or use for. This way, you can have space to display or organise the things you need and enjoy in a beautiful manner. Having an organised home isn’t just pretty to look at, it also makes your life easier because you’ll know exactly where everything is.

Make Good Use of Texture

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Using things with rich texture can create a minimalistic relaxing feel if used properly. Natural textures like in faux fur, drift wood, pottery, and hand woven rug can give your home a richness that also brings you closer to nature.

Use the 5 Elements

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Water, fire, wood, metal, and earth can all have a place in your home to create a relaxing feel. Use fountains for air, candles for fire, wooden furniture for wood, accents for metal, and plants and stone for earth in decorating. You’d be surprised to see how easy it is to create a zen feel.

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