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3 Interior House Painting Tips from Pro Painters

Written by Posted On Sunday, 30 July 2017 01:30

Home painting is a very scrupulous and important job in a renovation project. It is extremely important to follow every step carefully to ensure that the final result is perfect. Below you can find 10 tips that will help you prepare your walls for painting and finish the project with the bet result. You can also learn how to cut the downtime for preparation and cleaning.


Tip 1: Roll the full height and keep a wet edge

Lap marks are one of those ugly stripes that can be caused by uneven layers of paint that buildup if you paint in the wrong way. The easy physical process says that the lap marks occur when you paint over the paint that has partially dried up. Pay attention to the type of paint you have because as professional painters say late paint in warm condition can stiffen in less than a minute. So in order to avoid this build up you simply need to keep a “wet edge” so that you overlap the paint that remains wet.


Tip 2: Consistent color

Even though today the pallet of paints for interior remodels is huge, still people tend to mix up existing shades to receive the perfect color for their home. The worst mistake to make at this point is to mix not enough paint. In order to have solid and consistent color all over you need to have big amounts of paint of the same shade. If you mix very little, you’ll have to mix new paints again. And in this case there is very little chance that you’ll be able to repeat the primary result. This means that the color of your walls will be different and weird.

Remember that to get the best result it’s much better to mix more paint than less!


Tip 3: Perfect edges

When you’re painting surfaces around windows or plinths, you are very likely to use some tape in order to protect these parts from the excesses of paint. Once the paint is dry you will need to take the tape away. Yet don’t rush to tear the tape away because you risk taking some dried particles of paint too.

In order to safely pull the tape off the wall you simply need to loosen it. So what you need to do is wait till the paint gets perfectly dry — it usually takes around a day. Then take a sharp utility knife or a regular box cutter knife and simply slice through the film. Remodeling contractors advise beginning this process from an inconspicuous area so that you know that the paint is hard enough to slice cleanly. If you wait not enough time and start taking it off while the consistence is still gummy, you are very likely to make a huge mess. The tip is to pull up the tape at a 45-degree angle after you cut the tape.


And the final advice about painting your home. When you chose the painting, make sure that the chosen paint corresponds to all codes and regulations of your area so that you don’t have any issues in the future with your renovated home. In case you are not sure about the safety and appropriateness of the paint, consult your remodeling contractor or painter to be on the safe side.

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