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How to Change Your Room in a Day?

Written by Posted On Saturday, 05 August 2017 13:04

Once you decided that your room needs renovation, this idea won’t leave you alone! You’ll be looking for options that would freshen it up and at the same time won’t cost a fortune. Well, you’ve just found the right article for such needs. Below you can find five easy tips to transform your room on a budget.


#1 Add aBright Accent Color

It is far too common for people to make their home neutral so that they don’t irritate their eyes from day to day. But with such logic a lot of homeowners just turn their homes into dull and boring places to live at. If you’re one of them, then it’s time for a change! A professional interior designer advises to add a couple of bright pillows, a cheery flower pot, some dazzling books – any shiny accents to your home’s interior!

1. bright accent


#2 Try New Tablecloth

Tablecloth is in most cases very underestimated by people because they choose it to be single-colored and usually white or pastel. Well, don’t! Think outside of the box and make it a focus of your dining room! Whatever interior you currently have, traditional or modern, a bright colorful tablecloth will spruce your room with life and will make it uniquely interesting!

2. tablecloth


#3 Turn Your Floors Colorful

It’s a common belief that floors must not be the focal point of a room, but instead have to only supplement the existing interior design. Forget about such beliefs because floor can be the central element of your room’s deign if you allow them to! Change ordinary color of your floors into some bright shade, and then match minor decorative elements to this color to complete the ensemble.

3. colorful floor


#4 Hang a Curtain

For small homes that don’t allow you to use doors you can always opt for beautiful curtains as room dividers. But again, make these curtains look stunning in your interior design. Choose bright color or intricate pattern that would not make people think about the curtains as just curtains, but as a separate interior design element! And a little tip here is also not to try buying cheap curtains because it will make no good. It’s better to get a little more expensive curtains that would look stunning instead of saving now and regretting later another useless and dull element of your home’s interior design.

4. curtains


#5 Brighten Up Built-Ins

If you have a built-in bookcase or shelves in the bathroom, it doesn’t mean they have to look boring. Add some color inside of the shelves to make a dramatic difference in your home’s design.

5. built ins


#6 Show Off an Antique

If you’ve got an old home then filling it with antiques is the best interior design idea you can have! Look for vintage furniture, apply old-fashioned patterns to any upholstery and give your home a feeling of good-old times with the note of modernity. Such interiors have become extremely popular in the past five years so stay in trend with the best interior design ideas!

6. vintage

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