10 Hacks To Make Your Small Apartment Feel Bigger

Written by E.F. Posted On Sunday, 06 August 2017 18:59

It's true that living in a small apartment can be quite challenging. There are times that when you walked into that apartment you've felt uncomfortable instantly or at some point you've felt anxious and wanted to leave that space. Much of the times, it's because of the interior design of the room that makes you feel that way. The environment of our home affects us in so many other ways, but don't let that small spaces scare you or stress you. There are plenty of ways to make your apartment look bigger and make it more roomy and comfortable. So, you don't have to worry, Malta Sothebys Realty got our backs! They give us these 10 Hacks to Make Your Apartment Look Feel Bigger.


1. Paint Walls with Light Tones

Pale tones like white, creams or light grey colors can give the room a lighter and airy vibe. Dark Colors, on the other hand, can make a room look and feel smaller at he same them. But before you start looking for swatches make sure that your rental agreement allows you to paint the apartment. For a creative way to decorate your walls, paint vertical stripes which will make the apartment look taller.


2. Use Multi-Functional Furnitures

Instead of crowding a room with too many inncessary furniture pieces, choose items that have more than one purpose. For example, you can get a convertible sofa that pulls out in to a bed. Or get an ottoman that comes with a hidden compartment. if you work from home, set up a desk with built-in and drawers to store books, supplies, and any other items instead of keeping your reading material on a separate bookcase.


3. Let Natural Light In

Whether you're a nature lover or not, let the sunshine in! Simple window treatments like a set of sheer curtains are a great way to give your apartment a bigger feel. Letting in a natural light will help the apartment become brighter and seem more spacious. Bulky curtains or drapes attract the eye and take attention away from the rest of the room. Remember, it is important to keep a constant flow in the apartment with similar colors on the wall and windows.


Natural light


4. Decorate Your Ceiling

Adding a pop of color or removable wallpaper makes the room appear taller. Drawing the eyes to look up gives an illusion of height. If painting your ceiling is too much of a hassle or if your lease doesn't allow you, use wallpaper or stickers instead. You can entertain your guests with an indoor display of the night sky.


5. Float Your Shelves

For book lovers, it might be hard to live without a massive bookshelf. In a small space you have to make compromises. Instead of bookcase, opt for floating wall shelves. Not only will you have room to move around, but you'll also be adding color and culture to the walls.




6. Divide Your Space

Many people don't like studios because they're just one open room. But breaking up a room is easy and fun with a wall divider. You can hang up a curtain or a sliding fabric panel to easily divide one big area into sections. The best part is that you can move a wall divider whenever you want, so in a sense you can change up your living space for every season.


7. Hike Your Curtains Up

Whenever possible hang your curtai rod closes to the ceiling because it draws your eyes up which psychologically makes the room feel larger. This is the cheapest way to make a room look bigger than blowing out some walls.




8. Remove the Clutter

If you've got small apartment, limit all your clutter. Remove anything that is not needed in the room. After removing the clutter in your small space, it will feel bigger.


9. Incorporate Mirror

Mirrors reflect light throughout the room which makes the space feel larger. To achieve best result, hang the mirror across from a window. This will maximise the amount of light that reflects into the room. And another good spot for a mirror is across from the doorway. This will give your room the percpeption of more depth.




10. Less is More

If your apartment is small, Less is More. Over decorating your room is one of the common mistakes we make when decorating.

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