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5 Best Ideas for Basement Renovation

Written by Posted On Friday, 11 August 2017 13:32

Basements are one of the most spooky places of our homes. Do you remember movies where kids go downstairs and never come back? Well, that’s a stereotype people have about their basement spaces, but this article aims at changing it.

Why would you leave such huge spaces just die there in your home? Why not create something amazing and useful out of the space downstairs? If you got curious, then read further and learn about five best transformation ideas for your home basement.


Home Gym Facility

Being healthy today is not just a trend, it’s a must! So having a gym in your basement is a great idea to follow the suit. If you’re planning a gym downstairs, make sure that you insulate it properly and soundproof the whole room or rooms. Remodeling contractors also advice installing there a small shower cabin and a toilet with a sink so that you can refresh after the training. Don’t forget about a TV and a sound system to train with music.



Play Room

Play room doesn’t have to be associated with kids. If you don’t have them, you can put there a big TV and get several shelves with board games. Don’t forget about a fridge to store some beer and refreshing drinks there. Should you, on the contrary, have children, you can organize there a fort of pillows, put there all the toys and games they have an leave them be. Yet remember that basement floors are generally very cold, so you need to either cover them with  rugs or even better – install heated floors.

play room


Entertainment Area

Now we’re getting closer to the place where you and your friends will have fun! Remember the tips about the bid-screen TV and a fridge for beer? Well, these rules remain. But apart from that you can also install a pool table. Entertainment is a very broad term so you can include into this room whatever ideas you have. You can even create a home cinema theater there with a pop-corn machine and comfortable seats just for you and your friends. Whatever you like doing – do it here!




It is a huge problem for people who love reading not to have a place to do so. Every time they sit to read in the living room, someone comes by or asks about something, or turns the TV on. So having a quiet place to read is a  great idea. Furthermore, you can install there lots of bookcases and put a cozy sofa with a teapot for warm tea during readings.



Something useful

Wine cellar or a cleaning room will also work perfectly for a basement space. As basements normally have lower air temperature, wine can be perfectly stored below the ground. All you need is install special shelves, a table and a small fridge for some cheese and olives. If you consider something more functional, like a washing or cleaning room, remember that you can combine it with any of the projects listed above in order to kill two birds with one stone.

 wine cellar

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