How to Choose the Best Construction Company

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 15 August 2017 12:24

Finding the right construction company is one of the biggest challenges for property developers. There are so many construction service providers, but the choice is difficult if you don’t know what exactly you need. Your construction company should be responsible for managing and superintending every phase of the project, including supervising and employing subcontractors, working with designers and architects, procuring building permits, inspecting and examining. If you’re looking to hire a good contractor, here are some valuable tips and points to take into consideration.

1. Interview several builders

Schedule to meet with 3-4 builders, review their level of knowledge and past work in the construction business, but also in your community and area. Speak to their past clients and ask for references. Browse the builder’s website, pick the homes you like, and ask to speak to owners of those houses. Their previous clients will be happy to talk to you .

2. Speak to their references

A construction company will provide a list of references you can contact. Find and talk to those references that had projects similar to yours, especially to the ones that have lived in their homes for a while, because there’s a great difference between a newly constructed home and the one that’s been lived in for some time. Ask questions that can provide critical information about what kind of service you can expect from the company. Was the project finished on time? Was the builder attentive? Was the project explained in advance, and did they stay within the budget? Did they take care of the access equipment hire and materials?

3. Find a lot

This requires more than just finding a place with a great view. Talk to your real estate agent and builder and try to find a place with the maximum potential for your future home. When it comes to bringing the lot up to building standards, your builder must be honest with you regarding all requirements. Otherwise, if you don’t know what to look for when purchasing a lot, you will be faced with a lot of issues later on. A builder should inspect the lot, advise you and, that way, save you money.

4. Construction design

It’s extremely important that both the people designing your home and the ones constructing it communicate with each other, because this will help everyone stay within the budget. People often overdesign for their budget as square-foot pricing is not very accurate, and your builder can help you stay within your budget by offering alternative methods. Having builders involved in the design can cut some design costs by eliminating the need for redesigning in case you exceed your initial budget.

5. Management

Quality management services are another important aspect of every construction project. The project has to be planned out and finished in a timely manner, so every potential drawback needs to be predicted, such as natural disasters or weather conditions (in extreme cases, the contracting company shouldn’t be to blame for what’s out of their control).

6. Licenses

If the contracting company is unable to show you a license, don’t even consider hiring them. If a company is legit, they should have a license to show. Otherwise, this could cause a whole other universe of problems that might cost you a fortune.

If you want to find out more about a company, pay attention to how they compose and present their estimates. Their estimate should be clearly written and easy to read, providing you with a strong understanding of what your budget should cover. Your contractor needs to understand you clearly before drafting an estimate to determine your budget and solidify costs. 

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