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Home Renovations. To Restore or to Rebuild?

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 16 August 2017 17:33
Home Renovations. To Restore or to Rebuild? Pexels CCO License

Some people think it is better to knock down an old house and put up something new. Other people think it’s better to restore an old house.

Either way, building a new house requires a lot of work. So does renovating an old house. However, when you’re renovating or restoring an old house, you might probably feel happier because of emotional attachment to the house and memories in it.

It is important to know whether the best choice for you is to restore your house or build a new one but finding out what the better choice is could be difficult.

In order to help you determine whether you want to build a new house or restore an old one, we have created a list of well-researched pros and cons that can help you decide:

Pros of Restoring an old house

Emotional Value: Rebuilding an old house gives you the ability to conserve your memories in the house and save yourself the emotional trouble of moving away from a house you have probably spent years in.

Less Costly: You can rebuild your old house with less cost since you already have the structure, you will not be spending more money on it, and all the money you are spending is only going to the investments you’re making to make it look beautiful.

Less time consuming: Rebuilding an old home could take less time than building a new house, and you can add all the personal touches you want to add to your house.

Cons of Restoring an old house

Not Complete Remodeling: If you are looking to rebuild your house, but it needs a complete revamping of your old house, then the better idea is to probably build a new house.

This may be a better solution than completely overhauling your old house, as that could be equally costly and time-consuming.

Financial: If you are looking to fund the rebuilding of your old house through loans but have lived in your home for a long time, then getting a loan for an old house you have lived in could be difficult.

An old home in the Maitland area will often mean a timber home, and will mean you have to go and cost the supply of Maitland Timber in order to be worth the while.

Patience: Rebuilding an old house might require a lot of patience and new ideas, something due to little life left might not turn out to be the way you wanted them to.

Pros of Building a New House

Modern Infrastructure: Building a new house means you can add structures that you might not have been able to add due to space limitations in your older house.

Modern Lifestyle: Newly built homes can have features that are a necessary part of lifestyles today which means you can update your lifestyle with your house.

Finance: New homes are more costly but also have a high market value because of which it will be more straightforward for you to get a loan for building a new house.

You can also offset the cost of a new home by looking at the range of modular homes from a modular home builder.

New homes may also include a number of builders guarantees or warranties which will protect your investment.

Cons of Building a New House

Moving: Although even if you are rebuilding you might have to get out for a few days during rebuilding,. But building a new home means you will need to pack up all your things and go to your new house.

Expensive: Although there might be options today that have convinced you that building a new house is not expensive these days but if the choice is between remodelling and construction , then building a new home is more costly.

Putting up a new house or rebuilding an old one, the choice depends on your own preferences and your desired end goal.

Both have their benefits and advantages the task for you is to decide whether the benefits of either are outweighing the disadvantages.

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