Conversion ideas for your unused shed

Written by Posted On Friday, 18 August 2017 03:42

Whether you are looking at a property from a buy-to-let perspective or to live in yourself, adding extra features – for example a conservatory – can be an excellent way of adding to its value. One option that is popular in this respect is that of converting an unused garden shed into something interesting and useful, as this can really add appeal to the overall property, and this piece will offer some ideas for this kind of conversion.

  1. A gymnasium

Given that the fees for joining gyms can be truly exorbitant, converting your disused shed into your own personal one will be a great way of getting fit while also saving money. The first thing you will need to do is to add some covering to the floor, for example durable rubber tiling so that it is protected should you drop heavy weights on it! This will also improve the aesthetic and make it look more professional. You should also invest in double glazing and wall insulation for winter use, as well as an extractor fan and vents for the summer. Shelves and hooks will be the best way of storing the gym equipment without taking up too much space.

  1. Guest room

Perhaps a more common shed conversion is to turn it into another bedroom, for use by those visiting the house. This process will be fairly similar to the previous one, as both insulation and ventilation will be needed, but carpets and wallpaper – rather than rubber tiles – will be essential to making it liveable. If your shed doesn’t have window this will also need to be added, as will plug sockets etc.

  1. Office

If you work from home then converting your shed into a home office will be the ideal way for you to get on with tasks without being disturbed. This will require lighting and heating and you should hire professionals to install these rather than going the DIY route – with insulation of about four inches and an electric heater on the wall being ideal. You will also need to plan to make sure that you have enough space for your desk and chair, plus room for another person, in case a client visits.

  1. Gaming room

If all of these other options sound more practical than fun, a gaming room could be a great way to get some joy out of your disused shed. Of course the basics will still apply – making sure the room is insulated and ventilated, and has working electricity – but beyond that you can have fun. Consider adding a TV and games console, as well as things like a dartboard, pool or snooker table, poker table – or even a mini roulette wheel or classic slot machine. Decorate the walls with old board games or sports posters and you will have a gaming room you won’t want to leave.

If you have a shed lying vacant in the back garden of your house, any one of these tips will help you turn it into something to be proud of.

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