6 Tips for Regaining Order in Your Closets and Cabinets

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With the cooler and busier months fast approaching, what better time than now to get your closets and cabinets organized? Unfortunately, it is easier to plan this than to do the actual work. Good thing we have a list of tips to make your life a bit easier!

Clean First

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There is no way you can clean and organize your closets and cabinets if there is no space left to do so. You can do this by taking everything out of closets and cabinets, sorting them out into heaps of things to get rid of, things to keep, and things that can be donated. This way, you will only need to put back one of the piles back in your closet and that should be easier to organize.

Use Labeled Bins and Containers

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It is best to store soft items in clear plastic containers to protect them when not in use and to make them easier to locate when you need them. Seasonal clothes like sweaters and swimwear should be stored this way as well as blankets that you only use in winter.

You can also use containers to store small items because you can stack most containers and also make finding things a breeze.

Use a Lazy Susan for the Pantry

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The pantry is where a lot of things can get lost and forgotten. You are likely to forget that you have certain condiments or food items if you cannot see them. To ensure that you can use them and make them easier to reach, install one or two lazy susans in your pantry, more so if you have those deep open shelving.

Install Wall Hooks

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Wall hooks are a blessing for any closet. You can hang scarves, shopping bags, accessories, the next day’s clothes, and so on.

Have a System for Sorting and Storing Children’s Clothes

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Store baby clothes by size so you know exactly where to look should you have another baby or want to give them away to someone who’s recently had a baby. As for children’s clothes, it would be best to store them in bins so that they would be easy to access for children who are old enough to change their clothes. You can go a step further by bundling clothes that make an entire day’s outfit.

Choose a Way to Store Shoes That Work for You

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A good way to store shoes would be a way that will let you protect them and also make them easier to just grab when you need to use them. Because of this, storing in-season shoes on shelves and storing those that you won’t be using frequently in a bin or basket that can be pulled out from storage would be ideal. If you want to store long booths but do not want them to develop creases, stuffing them with pool noodles or styrofoam poles would be best.

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