Can New Roofs Increase Real Estate Sale Price?

Written by Posted On Monday, 28 August 2017 23:42

Housing stands out as one of the largest assets we have. With this in mind, it should be no surprise to see that every single homeowner that is interested in selling the property wants to get the highest possible price. Housing prices are expected to keep growing in various different parts of the world but few people understand why this is the case. When you want to sell real estate you are interested in making the improvements that add the most value. Is roofing something that should be considered?

Roofing contractors like Westchase Roofing are often asked questions about whether or not a specific roof type is going to increase housing price. The truth is that this is not always the case. In most situations the answer is going to depend a lot on house age and overall roof quality. As you replace the roof you will get a different price impact than when you replace flooring or buy new kitchen appliances. Even so, when roofs leak or are worn out, it is very important that you do repairs or the house will 100% lose part of its value.

Most homeowners instantly understand the fact that leaky roofs are big problems and that worn out roofs are not appreciated because they are ugly. However, this is not the only way in which value is impacted. As a simple example, when you install shake, solar panels, metal tiles or clay tiles you will increase real estate value. However, increased material costs should never exceed how much increase is going to appear in the value of the home. Premium roofing products should never be installed simply because you want to increase value. You want to install the roof type that will make the owner enjoy the house while resale value is considered.

Remember that most homeowners do not spend much time looking at the roof. However, those that are interested in buying a new home will always look at the roof. As you think about your home you are mainly tempted to analyze floors, appliances, ceilings or walls. Your roof is rarely considered. Such a general awareness lack is what usually leads to being faced with a roof condition that is not as great as it could be.

Fortunately, the state of the roof is not going to have a huge impact in increasing overall home value. It mainly has an impact on decreasing the value of real estate property. The roof is the very first line of defense the home has against elements. It is really important for many buyers to have attractive roofs but the vital aspect is having a weather resistant roof that protects overall home value.

To conclude, the condition of the roof will have an impact on overall real estate value but it is not necessarily what you are initially tempted to believe. The truth is you want to be sure that roofing is suitable for the home in terms of appearance and that it is in a proper working condition. When this is not the case the value of the real estate goes down, which is what you want to avoid. 

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