Building a Home 101

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Before You Begin

A good thing to do before you even start building your home is to think hard about two things- your wish list and your budget. Once you know these two items it makes the whole process a lot easier. Prioritize certain items on your wish list from, “must have” to “would be nice”. This will help you when it comes time to having to sacrifice something or deciding when to save or splurge.

Splurge: Labor

Always hire the best when it comes to labor. Make sure they are professional, licensed, experienced, and highly rated. Skimping on labor costs and hiring the cheapest people will result in a poorly done home. You get what you pay for in this situation. Any money you save by skimping on labor usually ends up getting spent, and more of it, on fixing all the mistakes they make. Save yourself the heartbreak and splurge on quality workers from the beginning.

Save: Finishes and Fixtures

A good tip for saving is to spend less on the items that can easily be replaced or changed out later. Items like faucets, light fixtures, and cabinet hardware are simple and easy to swap out once you have more money. The good thing too is that these small details are usually what goes out of style fastest, so changing them out in a few years can actually be a good thing.

Splurge: Structural Materials

It should be common sense to spend more money on the materials that keep your house up. Skimping on structural materials can result in costly mistakes like cracked walls, leaks, or other expensive damages. Splurge on low-maintenance materials too. They might be a bit more at installation, but in the long run, they save you from having to spend on repairs and replacements.

Save: Decorative Materials

A good place to save money on is decorative materials. These items can easily be changed out at a later date when there’s more money for upgrades. Most of the time you can find a cheaper look-a-like too. There’s very little difference between a $2 backsplash tile and a $10 one. Some decorative materials to consider saving on are molding and trim, flooring in less visible or low-traffic areas, and countertops in bathrooms, bar areas, and laundry rooms. Remember, if you are using a cheaper material you still want it to hold up long enough until you can afford to replace it so find something that is still good quality.

Finding the right balance between wish list items and budget is important to feel happy and comfortable in your new custom home. Stick to your budget and fight for those key items you really want. Contact aCustom Home Builder with any questions you may have.


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