Great Ways to Personalize a New Home (Part 1)

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Making a new home feel like it is truly yours needs to take years of painstaking personalization. A quick touch up here and there and some minor changes ought to do the trick. Below are some easy tips on how you can personalize your new home in a jiffy!

Tackle the Front Door!

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The front door influences everyone’s perception of your new home, so you better make it truly you! You can use a small can of paint for a quick colour change, perhaps change the hardware, or maybe just hang a wreath. Besides, changing the locks should be one of the first things you have to do before or right after moving to a new place so you better get it done and done in style!

Grab Some Fresh Flowers

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When moving in to a new house, it can often take weeks to warm up to the idea that it is your new home. Why not ease the transition by grabbing some fresh flowers to make the house feel more homey?

Bring in Some Plants

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Why stop with flowers? Bring in some greenery! Add small and big house plants in window sills, near the sink, and perhaps to an unused corner in a room. Bonus part is that plants can help keep your home looking and feeing fresh.

Give Your Windows Some Love

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Upgrading your window treatments can go a long way in personalizing your home. Curtains and drapes can soften the look of a harsh room and blinds and shades can streamline the look of an otherwise cramped space.

Bring Out the Fluffy Rug

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re into rugs or prefer bare floors, having at least 1 fluffy rug in the house can instantly transform how your feet feels about your new home. Give it a try!

Revamp the Stairs

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Simply changing the stairs’ carpet runner, repainting the banister, or perhaps hanging familiar pictures near the landing can make your stairs feel like it has always been there for you.

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