Great Ways to Personalize a New Home (Part 2)

Written by Posted On Friday, 01 September 2017 08:32

We’ve previously shared with you 10 easy ways to personalize a new home, and here’s the second part of that series!

It is completely normal for any new homeowner to want to make the new house feel like their own home. Below are easy tweaks than can be done in a day or two to achieve just that!

Scrub Everything Clean

new home1

This goes for both previously owned and brand-new houses. Newly constructed houses have that very ‘new’ scent. Cleaning up and using products that you are familiar with can make the house feel familiar as well. For previously-owned houses, it is the same thing. The house smells like someone else’s house until you literally rub your scent to it, so start scrubbing other scents away!

Paint, Paint, Paint!

new home2

If you’re not yet ready to paint the whole house, you can start with a wall or two. You can easily paint an accent wall in the colour you want to make the house feel more like ‘You’.

Change Some Light Fixtures

new home3

Simply changing a boring light fixture to one that reflects your style and aesthetics can do wonders to transform a place. Remember that you’ll use any light you install for years to come so don’t skimp!

Use Wall Paper in The Powder Room or Guest Toilet

new home4

Wallpapering a small room is an easy way to put your stamp in a house without committing or spending too much. It also won’t hurt to experiment with wall paper prints in a small area as opposed to like wallpapering the family room. If you do wallpaper a bathroom or any area where water splashes might occur, be sure your wallpaper can hold up to it, better yet, simply avoid those areas.

Upgrade Bathroom Fixtures

new home5

A full scale bathroom remodel can take a lot of time, money, and effort; but you can a have almost the same effect by simply changing or upgrading the existing bathroom details! Replace the medicine cabinet, mirror, towel bar, faucets, and light fixtures and give yourself a ‘new’ bathroom!

Hang Large Art Pieces

new home6

Creating a focal point for every room is the key to making your home look put together even though you’ve just moved in. Do that with large art pieces! You can even have art pieces for cheap by purchasing from new artists or attending exhibits at art schools.

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