23 Tips To Get a Vancouver Condo Off the Market

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Selling your Vancouver Condo to make way for a new purchase is an exciting time, so ensuring your home is properly set to sell will help you make that transition more quickly and for the best selling price. Which is where these 23 Tips To Get a Vancouver Condo Off the Market comes into play!

Be Mentally Prepared – firstly, you need to separate your emotions associated with your space. Whether you are selling the first Vancouver condo you ever bought, or are transitioning your family into a bigger home, keeping your emotions at bay is important to making the right selling decision.
De-Personalize Your Condo – although you might love your French-deco theme, those coming in to look at your home need to envision it as their own. So take down as many “decorative ideals” as possible in order for a potential buyer to see your house as their potential home.
Paint a Neutral Palette – creating a clean, neutral palette will make your space appear fresh, and possibly even create a larger feel to your home .
Clean Your House OCD Style – no one wants to think they are buying a condo that has been left unkempt, so no matter your chosen lifestyle and degree of normal cleanliness, when it comes time to sell your space – clean up OCD style.
Get Your Patio ‘Scaped – although Vancouver condos don’t come with a yard space, creating an outdoor oasis on your patio will light up the eyes of any potential buyers. Everyone loves a green retreat, so dabble in your green-thumb abilities and patio’scape your outdoor space.
Purge Purge Purge – selling a home is the perfect time to purge, and doing so before your first showing will make the difference between a busy space that appears smaller than it should, and offering your potential buyers a full view of what they are investing in.
Organize Closets and Drawers – anyone serious in buying your Vancouver condo are going to want to look in every cupboard and drawer to see what kind of space they have to work with. So ensure it’s clean and clear of clutter, and perhaps even consider investing in a closet organizer to offer additional space. Small and affordable additions like these are excellent selling features.
Cabinet Up – updating your kitchen cabinets with either a fresh coat of paint or new knobs could mean the difference between your condo sitting on the market, or it getting sold. Kitchens are THE biggest selling feature in a home, so ensure yours is staged to sell.
Better Your Bathroom – bathrooms are a close second when it comes to selling features, and can also benefit with a facelift. Affordable updates like lighting fixtures and even dimmers go a long way.
Carpets Be Gone – not a lot of people want carpeted condos in today’s buying market. They are dust collectors and can even make your condo appear stuffy and small. So before showing your home, invest in some form of wood flooring and increase your selling potential exponentially.
Fix Anything Broken – the last thing any buyer wants to do is fix your house. A burnt out light bulb or a cracked tile can be a deterrent and make your home appear like a fixer upper, so fix anything broken before your potential buyers come knocking.
Deodorize Your Home – simple as that.
Be Seasonally Aware – decorate tastefully if you are selling during a holiday such as Halloween or Christmas.

Single family Home ideas

Create Curb Appeal – if you are selling your single family home in Vancouver, be sure to…
  • give your patio a fresh coat of paint
  • replace the outdated front door with a modern version/colour
  • power wash your driveway and walkways
  • wash your windows
  • style your dining room table
  • rearrange your furniture for a more open concept
  • make your master bedroom gender neutral
  • replace outdated bathroom sinks with a pedestal style

Last but definitely not least, whether you are selling your Vancouver condo or your single-family home in Metro Vancouver, having a Home Stager come in could truly make a massive difference to buyers coming to look at your space. It’s a small investment that can make a huge difference, so talk to me about my connection within the home staging industry – and collectively we will get your Vancouver home sold quickly and for top market dollar!

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