3 quick ways to spruce up your bathroom

Written by Posted On Monday, 04 September 2017 04:24

If you have grown tired of your bathroom décor, it is not as quick and easy to change up like a lounge or bedroom might be. Changing an entire bathroom suite can be a time consuming and costly job.

However, you can completely transform the look of you bathroom by giving in a quick spruce up and only changing a few things. You will be surprised by how much difference can be made by making one or two, simple changes such as switching up your ceramic tiles or adding a few accessories. You don’t have to spend a fortune to give your bathroom a makeover.


A very quick and simple way to spruce up your bathroom is to add some colourful accessories. Select a colour theme and run with it. You may go bold and bright to really give your bathroom an new vibe or you may choose a more subtle, natural colour to create a calming atmosphere. Once you add a splash of colour to your bathroom is can really change how it looks and feels. Toothbrush holders, cups, vases, toilet roll holders, flannels and towels can all be found in a range of colours to choose from and once added to your bathroom; your once tired and dull room will look a world away from what it once did.


Another quick way to change the way your bathroom looks is to replace the tiles. Porcelain wall tiles come in a huge array of colours and finishes and can be fitted in a day. Not only can you change the colour of your bathroom tiles but with porcelain tiles you can pick from finishes such as slate, natural stone and even wooden effect finish. You also have the same amount of options and choice when it comes to porcelain floor tiles so you can completely revamp your entire bathroom simply by changing the tiles. Porcelain tiles are made at much higher temperatures than ceramic tiles they are much stronger and can withstand more stress. So by replacing your outdate tiles with fresh new ceramic ones, not only is your bathroom getting a makeover but you are also going to benefit from the stronger tiles you replace them with.

A lick of paint

If your bathroom is looking and feeling dull and old then it may just require a new lick of paint. Over time paint gets dull, especially if it is in sunlight. You will be surprised how much more fresh and airy your bathroom will feel with just a simple fresh coat of paint- even if you use the same colour. Of course, if you are repainting your bathroom then you have the perfect opportunity to change the colour theme to something new and bright. However, even if you just use the same colour your bathroom will still feel like a new room.

Sprucing up your bathroom doesn’t have to cost the world- just a few quick changes can make a huge difference and add much to the value of your home.

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