How To Sell a House in “As Is’ Condition

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 06 September 2017 12:09
How To Sell a House in “As Is’ Condition How To Sell a House in “As Is’ Condition

Although a lot of homeowners choose to upgrade their interior space in order to maximize their downtown Vancouver condos selling price, sometimes individuals prefer to sell without taking time and investment dollars to alter their home whatsoever. Which is why I want to help inform my readers on ‘How To Sell a House in “As Is’ Condition’!


The Imperative Nature of Disclosure

Firstly, I need to state that regardless of if you are selling your home ‘as is’, you still must disclose any areas that are in need of repair or not up to code within the municipality you live in. In fact, you are obligated to fill out a ‘Seller’s Disclosure Form”, which discloses any issues pertinent to any potential buyers. This allows you to sell ‘as is’’ no matter what that may include, while allowing the buyers the knowledge of what they are buying into, and any additional costs they will need to undertake once they are the new owners of your downtown Vancouver condo for sale.


Fear Not the Home Inspection

Even with the disclosure form filled out, a potential buyer may want to still have your  condo inspected, and frankly - everyone should opt for this no matter the apparent condition of the condos for sale in downtown Vancouver. There are various luxury downtown Vancouver condos on the market, but even “luxury” can have issues. So as a seller, be transparent, and expect and encourage a home inspection in order to retain a confident buyer, making a quick sale without unforeseen issues.


A Fast Sale vs. a Maximum Profit Sale

Many people are looking for condos for sale in downtown Vancouver, and if you are considering selling your condo ‘as is’ knowing that it is in near-new condition, you may feel that it will sell without hesitation. Which, frankly, is likely true.

However, there is a difference between a fast sale of a downtown Vancouver apartment, and a maximum profit sale of your downtown Vancouver real estate. The difference is often very minimal and includes such things as: showings within an organized home, fresh flowers, and a “personality-free” space for people to see your house as their home.

So yes, by all means, homeowners can easily sell their downtown Vancouver condo ‘as is’, just keep those tips in mind, and away we go!


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